Persistent Key Management

Effectively manage the complexities that inevitably surface when working with unique identifiers across disparate data sources.

Key Benefits

Leverage proven techniques to monitor, update and track customer data across multiple data sources, and quickly adjust when customer data changes.

Stress-Free ID Management.

Simplify complicated identity management by creating an identifier, for every record, and attaching it to customer data, including other types of unique identifiers.

Life Event-Ready.

Automatically adjust your data to inevitable life events by using Redpoint’s persistent keys to easily create, update, merge or split records when information changes.

Multi-Level Relationships.

Assign persistent keys for groups, sources or households, and track your campaign performance details at these helpfully aggregated levels.

Key Highlights

With rgOne®, you can easily build and manage your own identifier from scratch, with automated processes built for user ease and simplicity. Which means you can stop relying on someone else’s pre-defined identifier.

Pre-Defined Identifier Not Required

Unlike other CDPs, Redpoint doesn't require a pre-defined identifier. In fact, we build our own identifier from scratch. And that allows for more dynamic ID management.

Keys That Span Complex Customer Journeys

When records match existing groups (individual, household or address), they're assigned the key of that group. This can be used to establish "master" keys across siloed systems that may have their own keying strategies.

Use Keys to Relate Multiple Golden Records

Manage persistent keys at the person, household, group, address and business levels to track all your customers' "offline" relationships.

Enforce Unique Key Constraints

Compile master records from multiple sources based on completeness, frequency, and validation rules. Add survival rules to store updated information as an attribute.

Handle Changes In Your Customer Lives

Support natural changes in household structure, including merging groups (such as marriage or cohabitation), new group members (such as births and adoptions), and splits (such as divorce or deaths).

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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