Data Quality

Tackle the toughest data quality issues. Across multiple data sources. At true scale.

Key Benefits

Confidently solve data quality challenges, at scale. To create and deliver highly relevant, highly personalized experiences.

Golden Records.

Resolve messy and poorly normalized data sources into one, cohesive, clean, consistent Golden Record. And use it to deliver the most persuasive customer experiences.

Enterprise-Grade Scalability.

Handle the volume and cadence of all your data quality imperatives with low latency. While confidently meeting your customers' expectations of their engagement with you.

Data Agnostic.

Data quality measures applied to the customer information inside your MarTech systems? Yes. And applied to any data type, from any source? Yes.

Data Quality with rgOne®

Extensive pre-built functions for:

Identity Resolution

Data Profiling and Cleansing

Merging and Matching

Persistent Key Management

Parsing and Standardization

“Having all customer data available to us in one place, with the confidence that it is accurate, timely and comprehensive, has been the biggest asset of partnering with Redpoint®.”

Will Aubuchon

CEO of W.E. Aubuchon Co. Inc.

Key Highlights

Successfully execute omnichannel campaigns with confidence in the quality of your data. rgOne provides software to fully cleanse, format and standardize data at the speed and scale that enterprise’s demand.

Reliable Data Governance

Facilitate customer requests, privacy requirements and compliance audits through rgOne’s data governance, stewardship workflows and tight audit trails.

Customize Data Management

Define and automate transformations perfectly fit to your business purposes, such as address normalization for specific geographies.

Conduct Quality Assessments

Manage the ever-changing nature of data quality and the ebbs and flows of data volumes from different sources, while auto-alerts quickly warn of potential problems.

Beyond Customer Data

Perform data quality on any data you think relevant, including products, content and even IoT-related data.

Match & Merge

Define parameters for matching and merging customer records, including adding or removing them from households and companies.

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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