Identity Resolution: Your Key to Gaining a Complete View of a Customer

To get the most accurate identity picture, RedPoint uses advanced probabilistic and deterministic algorithms in real time to match data to an individual, match individuals with households, and build progressive profiles from anonymous buyers to known customers over time.

Data quality starts with high-precision identity resolution across all data sources and identity proxies. RedPoint deciphers the individuals, households, cookies, IP addresses, IoT smart devices, and more to form a clear and complete picture of every customer.


Create the Golden Record

The Golden Record – a persistent, continuously updated, unified record of all consumer data over the entire lifecycle – shows your buyer’s unique mix of interactions, transactions, and preferences. Using first-, second-, and third-party data, RedPoint provides a 360-degree view of each customer.


Stay in Step with Customers

RedPoint’s comprehensive Golden Record integrates your customer data silos to gain complete and continuously updated insights into how each customer transacts with your organization, including preferences, behaviors, offers, purchases, and latest interactions across every customer engagement system or touchpoint.

The Golden Record is the fuel for your analytics to determine the best actions that optimize customer engagement and increase lifetime value.