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Jul 20, 2020

Building a Blueprint for Real-Time Customer Engagement

The events of 2020 have emphasized the need for an acceleration of digital customer engagement across all industries. Those without initiatives to build, manage and optimize multi-channel, digital-first infrastructure will find themselves increasingly left behind.

As the digital imperative becomes more defined, customers are asking more of the brands they interact with – and near real-time solutions are no longer sufficient to keep pace with omnichannel customer journeys. Selecting the next-best, personalized action in the moment of engagement is key to maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction. Businesses must deliver robust real-time customer experience solutions that engage each consumer personally, where and when they want to engage.

Today, Redpoint published a blueprint: How Ambitious Marketers Can Take Advantage of Real-Time Customer Engagement. The document outlines how businesses can rethink their approach for delivering real-time data, decisions and interactions for customer experience, and the resulting impacts on revenue growth.

Specifically, this blueprint addresses how ambitious business leaders can:

  • Develop “Golden Records” of each customer for an always updated, comprehensive view to understand their context in the moment of need,
  • Leverage automated machine learning to drive intelligent customer interactions that can positively impact revenue,
  • Orchestrate contextually relevant interactions that meet expectations at every point in the buying journey,
  • Achieve real-time data, decisions and orchestration with customers,
  • Utilize an Open Garden approach to leverage existing martech stack for best-of-breed solutions,
  • And much more….

While some businesses were better set than others for success prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, all can survive and succeed – but only if they embrace change and act with ambition and urgency. Real-time data orchestration and real-time decisioning require automated machine learning to deliver a consistently relevant, individual customer experience at scale. The blueprint discusses how having the right strategy, people, processes and technology for real-time will be what separates the winning brands.

Download the Blueprint here: How Ambitious Marketers Can Take Advantage of Real-Time Customer Engagement or reach out to us to schedule a consultation to learn how we could build a custom blueprint that is ideal for your needs.


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