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Jun 10, 2024

Boost Your Marketing Automation Platform with Clean Data

Streamlining your customer engagement process across multiple touchpoints often includes a heavy investment in one (or more) marketing automation platforms (MAPs). Once the platform is installed, your next steps are to get your engagement plans off the ground and running and show value for the MAP investment.

Many teams view the MAP as the solution to their marketing communication and engagement needs. Yet while organizations should see some gains soon after a solid implementation, there’s so much more you could unlock by addressing your data quality before it flows into your MAP for activation.

To maximize the value of a marketing automation platform and produce optimal results while controlling costs, you must give data quality its due. High-quality, trusted data is essential to ensure your automations are targeting the right customer at the right time with the right message, offer or communication. Streamlining and expanding your customer engagement processes and capabilities is vitally important, but the amplification powers of your new MAP could amplify your problems if you end up delivering an irrelevant message or communication to even more customers than you were previously.

Whether you’re using Eloqua, HubSpot, Adobe, Salesforce or another platform, including data quality as core functionality of upstream tech solutions can guarantee you make the most of your MarTech stack. That’s where the CDP comes in.

Better Data, Better Results

A good CDP should clean your data as it comes in, as well as when it gets activated. Yet many CDPs will ingest data from all your connected sources only to put off data “cleansing” until it’s being extracted for use in a campaign. Others simply consider it the responsibility of a third-party somewhere else in your tech stack, essentially assuming it will “all go to plan.” The latter approach – performing data hygiene at end-point extraction and leaving it to another provider – often leads to additive costs and inefficiencies down the entire line of activation, including in your MAP.

If you’ve invested in a robust marketing automation platform, but you can’t fully trust the data and segments that you’re feeding into it, you’re not getting the full value out of your MAP purchase.

If you have a nagging suspicion that your results aren’t quite what they could be, or if you’re not seeing much of a material improvement over your previous manual campaigns, you need to check your data quality. That translates to wasted budget and resources, “okay” campaign results, and potentially increased executive scrutiny on future procurement asks.

It’s imperative to make sure your automation efforts produce tangible results while reducing costs, whether your organization is focused on B2B, B2C, or a blend of both.

The Positive Impact of Good Data

By leveraging advanced data quality, identity resolution, and segmentation capabilities, your organization can:

  • Eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies in email, text and other campaigns, leading to cost savings. For example, if you’re pushing customer records into your MAP that include individuals that haven’t given you marketing permissions, you might be eating up far more of your MAP’s data storage allowance than is necessary, since those ultimately wouldn’t be used.
  • Deliver personalized experiences that drive higher engagement and satisfaction. Consider the up-sell potential when your differentiated messages reflect one person’s interest in running compared to their spouse’s preference for mountain biking.
  • Achieve better campaign results through targeted, contextually relevant and timely communications. If your bounce and click-through rates haven’t improved compared to when your process was more manual, better data coming into the MAP makes your messages more likely to land on target, both in terms of the correct inboxes and the message content.

A “Clean Data” Checklist

Pristine data that is reliable and always accessible is fundamental for the performance of your marketing campaigns. Look for the following capabilities to make sure your data is optimized for the best outputs across all your MAP-related use cases (and beyond). The Redpoint CDP includes them, but no matter which vendor you ultimately choose, these are “must-haves” in terms of your data quality.

Precise Identity Resolution: Blending deterministic and probabilistic matching yields the most precise identity resolution. Deterministic matching is the more basic of the two, identifying a user across devices using a common identifier such as an email address or device ID. Probabilistic matching goes a step further and uses an algorithm to analyze two similar but not identical records, such as recognizing 123 Main St. and 123 Main Street are the same address and parsing out the spouses that both use shared devices at that location.

You’ll be able to understand not just the individual customer but also their context, such as whether they’re engaging with your brand as a member of an organization, as an individual, or within a household in a B2C scenario. Such contextual understanding is pivotal for accurately crafting personalized interactions and targeted campaigns within your MAP.

Privacy and Security: Upholding customer privacy and complying with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA is non-negotiable. Seek out a CDP that integrates robust privacy and security measures, including data encryption, PII protection and accurate identity resolution. By respecting customer preferences and regulatory requirements, you build trust and credibility while mitigating risks. Additionally, consider a data-in-place deployment option in which the CDP runs directly in your data cloud environment without data replication, enabling your organization to maintain control of your customer data in a seamless integration with your marketing automation platform.

Dynamic Segmentation: While traditional segmentation methods are static, dynamic segmentation allows you to build a segment once and use it everywhere, depending on how a customer engages throughout a customer journey. By leveraging rules-based, no-code segmentation tools, marketers can adjust targeting on the fly, responding in real time to customer behaviors and preferences. This agility ensures that your MAP campaigns remain relevant and impactful, driving higher engagement and conversions.

Clean Data + Marketing Automation Platform Success Stories

Clean data is a force multiplier for your marketing automation platform, enabling tangible benefits in terms of cost reduction and performance enhancement. Several organizations have already experienced the transformative power of pristine data through the Redpoint CDP.

  • A leading travel and hospitality provider leveraged the Redpoint CDP to streamline email-based marketing campaigns, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in interaction costs and more personalized engagement.
  • A prominent retailer achieved remarkable results by deploying Redpoint as the backbone of their marketing automation strategy. With Redpoint powering omnichannel orchestration and real-time decisioning, the retailer significantly increased upsell through real-time, next-best action offerings.
  • One of the largest hospitals in the US, with 1 billion+ page visits​, used the Redpoint CDP for breast cancer and other disease awareness to deliver targeted personalized messages for real time customer engagement. As a result, thousands of visitors signed up for their breast cancer email program.

If you’re not sure you’re getting the most value out of your marketing automation platform and you’re looking to optimize your campaigns and unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness, the Redpoint CDP can help take you there. With advanced capabilities in data quality, identity resolution and segmentation, Redpoint supercharges your MarTech capabilities to deliver personalized, impactful customer experiences while driving cost savings. To learn more about how you can elevate your marketing efforts and ensure success in today’s dynamic landscape with Redpoint as your strategic partner, click here.