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Oct 8, 2019

Beyond the Chatbot: RPA’s Role in Automating Customer Engagement Processes

A chatbot is the “face” of the automation revolution (pun intended) because it represents how most customers experience business automation. There are, however, multiple notions of how a ‘bot’ is involved in a business process, which is more commonly referred to as robotic process automation (RPA).

The Redpoint Customer Data Platform (CDP) is known mostly as a martech solution that ingests customer data from every source, and of every type, to create a unified customer profile that marketers use to hyper-personalize a customer journey. While the unified customer profile, or golden record, is an integral component of the platform that provides marketers with unprecedented visibility and control over a dynamic customer journey, RPA is another component of the platform that is just as vital for creating personalization at scale and automating tasks and processes that keep campaigns on track.

Campaign Automation at Scale

It is difficult to bake segment-of-one personalization into a marketing campaign at scale if the campaign is managed manually. Human input simply cannot account for a campaign’s endless permutations to a natural conclusion. Having to handhold a campaign, if you will, is an inefficient allocation of resources that devalues results by introducing potential inaccuracies in the data, or by limiting a marketer’s ability to analyze a large enough data set to make an informed conclusion.

Automating the process to reduce the amount of human intervention aligns perfectly with the ultimate purpose of RPA as a ‘bot’ that operates in a rules-based fashion behind the scenes to change the characteristics of an ongoing campaign. Dynamic audience management, as well as A/B testing that automatically selects a campaign winner in the field after a predetermined amount of time both strip time-intensive work away from marketers, who can focus instead on creating new campaigns.

Automation of Data Management Tasks

A second, behind-the-scenes RPA use case is to automate the various data management tasks that marketers and data analysts are responsible for. These tasks range from the obvious – automated approvals when a customer changes preferences – to the more obscure cases that include automated data quality and automated matching of customer records.

In the context of customer engagement, RPA is effectively a set of bots inside processes at the data level that automatically choose the best records, the best pieces of data, or the best information. Or, when the bot is unable to do so, it is programmed to automatically place the information in front of a data steward or someone else who can resolve any rules conflict or other discrepancy.

Just as in automated campaign management, there are a series of data-level automations that are geared toward reducing the amount of time a marketer spends getting their hands dirty, if you will, in intricate and endless data lineage tasks, and reduces the time that data scientists must spend on issues like data prep.

Automated Machine Learning at Work

A third class of automation is the deployment of bots inside the automated machine learning process to tune and pick the best model, to automatically re-train and re-deploy models based on time constraints or fitness constraints, and to automatically recalculate and update characteristics of customers to include customer lifetime value (CLV), propensity to churn, and other metrics that make up the most accurate, up-to-date, 360-degree view of a customer.

With these three classes of RPA for the purposes of customer engagement, the Redpoint CDP leaves no stone unturned in eliminating inefficiencies that stand in the way of continuously producing accurate, relevant, and up-to-date offers that are perfectly in sync with the context and cadence of an individual customer journey.

RPA ensures that at every stage of the process – from data ingestion through producing a golden record, and from producing models through producing and deploying campaigns – automation is done in service of both the marketer and the consumer.

While a chatbot might still be the face of the automation revolution for a customer, bots inside the Redpoint Customer Data Platform support personalized engagement at every stage of a dynamic, omnichannel customer journey. Being met with a “Hi, How May I Help You Today?” is just the tip of the iceberg for how RPA is a strong ally for marketers with hyper-personalizing a customer experience at scale.


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