Redpoint Real-Time Customer Engagement

Interact at the Speed of the Customer

real_timeRedpoint Real-Time Customer Engagement helps you deliver personal, contextually relevant customer interactions at the speed of the customer. Help customers shorten their path to purchase with insights and personalization. Redpoint simplifies the complexities by enabling you to unify data, create a single view of the customer, generate customer-specific content with automated analytics, and orchestrate customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Speed and Agility

Unleash the power and speed of the Redpoint Customer Data Platform that delivers real-time decisions that leverage data captured only milliseconds earlier. With Redpoint, you engage with each customer as a “segment of one” using complex, highly personalized decisions in real time across all touchpoints in the enterprise.

Data-Driven Personalization

Recognize customers wherever they appear, whenever they appear, and respond with relevance and consistency. Effective personalization needs the best data to deliver real-time decisions to create unique, compelling, and personalized experiences.

Omnichannel Optimization

Leverage the power of machine learning and our real-time decision engine to automate testing and tuning to deliver the right message across all channels. Redpoint orchestrates customer interactions with self-learning models and predictive analytics that react to the latest data and optimize results across all touchpoints and channels.

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Real-Time Customer Engagement in Practice White Paper

This white paper will present a capability maturity framework for real-time marketing and examples of four tactics you can take to optimize customer engagement efforts.

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Real-Time Customer Engagement Solution Brief

Redpoint provides the context and tools to build responsive models that drive relevant, personalized messages and offers, resulting in happier customers and boosting response.

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