RedPoint Master Data Management

Easily Curate Customer Data with Precision

Master Data ManagementUnify Data to Accelerate Business Results

By creating a customer “golden record” and mastering other data entities, RedPoint automates all data-quality tasks and frees your team for more strategic pursuits. Data is immediately available to other applications and business users through a browser-based interface and RESTful web services.

Provide Advanced Identity and Entity Resolution

Easily and quickly resolve customer, product, device, and other identities using RedPoint’s advanced multi-domain entity-resolution and identity-resolution capabilities. A precise, 360-degree view of the customer helps you drive advanced analytics and real-time personalization.

Use Automation to Improve Stewardship

RedPoint’s automated matching engine reduces manual, error-prone data interactions. With inline automated workflows, master-data-based processes are explicit and business-friendly, helping data stewards and business users oversee changes to master data and reduce duplications.

Engage business users

Now business users can view and edit master records while retaining control through versioning, stewardship, and lineage in the MDM repository. RedPoint provides versioned, dated, and user-tagged views of changes for better auditability and accountability.