Customer Interaction Platform

Serve up hyper-personalized experiences at the right time across any smart device, channel, or touchpoint.

Customer Interaction Management|RedPoint Global Deliver Smart Interactions to Customers across Every Touchpoint

Plan, manage, deliver, and optimize dynamic, multi-stage customer journeys without limitations on innovation. Leverage existing and future touchpoints to connect the last mile to the customer.

Redpoint ensures engagement is intelligently orchestrated across all interfaces, devices, and channels – online and offline – to optimize your spend on interactions.

Respond at the Speed of the Customer

Turn data into your strategic advantage to define cross-channel strategies and engage customers – in real time with the right cadence – with hyper-personalized interactions. Redpoint ensures you keep pace with the speed of your customers.

Test, Tune, and Optimize in a Closed Loop

Link behavioral data and results to strategies for performance tuning, including prebuilt and configurable reporting options. In real time, Redpoint enables you to plan, collaborate, and refine inbound and outbound engagement strategies to maximize campaign metrics and customer revenue.

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To drive growth in the digital age, you need to engage your customers in a continuous dialog, using relevant, timely messages to interact with them through their preferred communication channels

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