Intelligent Orchestration

Deliver Highly Personalized and Relevant Customer Journeys

Highly Relevant Interactions

intelligent orchestration

Your customers want it all: personalized, relevant interactions that reflect their needs and preferences in ways that are free of friction as they cross journey stages and channels. To accomplish this, brands need a single point of control to orchestrate customer journeys, supported by deep customer intelligence at every touchpoint throughout the lifecycle. RedPoint’s solution determines the next best offer or message and delivers it in the context and cadence with where a customer is in their journey.

Dynamic Customer Journeys

Consumers have shifted from linear, offline, product-centered customer journeys to a continuous, dynamic path to purchase that must be personalized for each customer. RedPoint’s intelligent orchestration capability determines and serves up the next best action – in real time – no matter where your customer may next show up. This personalized path to purchase is driven by data and advanced analytics, such as machine learning, enabling a segment-of-one approach through an in-depth view of customer preferences, purchases, behaviors, and intent.

Intelligent Orchestration Across the Enterprise

RedPoint’s intelligent orchestration empowers brands to compete based on customer experience, driving personalized and consistent engagement across the entire enterprise. Our open garden approach enables you to leverage your existing technology investments, and is future proofed to take advantage of new engagement technologies as they emerge. The result is innovative customer experiences that acquire more customers, expand revenue per customer, and lead to higher retention rates all while lowering the costs of interaction.