Customer Engagement Hub

Deliver the highly relevant experience each customer wants – with precision and consistency across every touchpoint

customer engagement hubBridge Strategy and Execution

Overcome silos of data, business rules, and processes with the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub. With a single point of control over data and operations, you can automatically deliver seamless, hyper-personalized customer interactions.

Connect All Your Data

RedPoint connects all of your data to provide a deep level of customer understanding that’s critical to engaging customers in real time, with next best actions across all interaction touchpoints that are contextually aware and highly relevant.

Capitalize on an Open Garden

Game-changing customer engagement only happens through an open garden approach. RedPoint provides an agile, open, and connected architecture that leverages your existing marketing technology investments, extends their value, and easily incorporates new best-of- breed technologies.

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Learn About Real-Time Customer Engagement in Practice

This white paper will present a capability maturity framework for real-time marketing and examples of four tactics you can take to optimize customer engagement efforts.

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