Delivering the Next Level of Customer Engagement

Close the Gap Between Customer Expectations and Customer Experiences

customer-obsessedFrom consumer brands and financial institutions to hospitality and other retailing segments, today’s customers want frictionless, personalized, and consistent buying experiences across all interaction touchpoints that keep pace with their needs, preferences, styles, and purchase histories.

Redpoint optimizes customer engagement through a platform that bridges the gap between customer expectations and what your customers actually experience – no matter what interaction touchpoint they show up in next.

  • Connect All Your Data – Redpoint ingests all of your data sources to create the unified 360-degree “Golden Record” view of each customer, in real time. That means you can leverage drive hyper-personalized customer interactions across any channel or touchpoint.
  • Determine the Next-Best Actions – Redpoint’s sophisticated inline analytics and machine learning enable you to automatically micro-segment, predict, and optimize the next-best actions for your customers that deliver more revenue for you.
  • Orchestrate Engagements Across All Touchpoints – Today, it’s all about context. In our real-time world, you must align it all: customer, message, moment, cadence, offer, device, and channel. Redpoint synchronizes data-driven interactions in real time, across all customer journey stages. Now, you can deliver hyper-personalized messages, offers, and actions across any channel, device, or interaction touchpoint to stay in synch with your customers whenever and wherever they are.