Video: Travel 2021: Ushering in a New Wave of Innovation

The travel industry has never seen anything like 2020 but history tells us that a crisis is no time for sticking to the status quo. As travel brands face the future, the customer experience and their health and welfare has never been more important. However, survival will also depend on keeping costs down, and driving efficiencies. Hard graft lies ahead and there are no easy solutions but innovative technologies and partnerships will be key. Join Reuters Events Travel to hear from industry innovators who are moving and shaking like never before. Find out how to:

  • Reassess distribution and supplier partnerships, and find new ways to reach your audience
  • Harness AI to drive direct relationships through personalized messages when it matters most
  • Reboot your ancillary revenue strategy by rethinking your existing inventory
  • Track consumer sentiment and deliver timely message that build confidence and drive bookings
  • Forecast accurately and manage spend at a time of extreme uncertainty
  • Automate the easy stuff to care for your customer at key touch points
  • Understand performance against your competitive set, and monitor margins and cash flows

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