Video: The Data & Analytics Behind a Personalized CX

Consumers expect brands to orchestrate interactions across multiple channels in a personalized and relevant way – all in real time. Engaging consumers with the appropriate message at the precise moment of interaction is complicated, especially when customer data is dispersed across different systems and touchpoints.

Creating this real-time, hyper-personalized experience requires disparate customer data to be integrated into a single point of control that tells a company everything there is to know about a customer. Watch Redpoint Global’s Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, John Nash, moderate a conversation with panelists Aref Nohrudi, Bill Porto and Steve Zisk from Redpoint Global.

You will learn how to:

  • Connect disparate customer data into a single customer view
  • Leverage analytics to determine next best offers in real time
  • Orchestrate relevant, personalized 1:1 interactions across all touchpoints

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