Video: Every CDP Does Everything?

A straight-talk session on what you need in a Customer Data Platform (CDP), and what you don’t, based on real-world results.

George Corugedo, CTO at Redpoint Global, demystifies what it takes to select and implement the right CDP for your needs.

CDPs, and the confusion that goes with selecting one that actually delivers results, are seemingly everywhere at present. In this informative, insightful session, Redpoint will demystify what it takes to select and implement the right CDP for your needs. From identity resolution to real-time personalization, this session will draw directly from recent use case examples of real-world implementations at Redpoint’s customers to highlight what you really need to consider in your search for the perfect CDP, and where your path may lead to failure.

You will learn how to:

  • Select the right CDP that is best for your needs
  • Draw from customer use cases and real-world examples
  • Understand what makes a CDP drive ROI

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