Video: Let’s Talk Data – Part 3 – Use Cases of Customer Data Management

Whether selling to, engaging with or supporting customers, companies must capture and use every data insight possible. Data is at the core of knowing exactly who your customer is and what they are doing, which helps increase your customer lifetime value. We invite you to explore the data landscape with us in our “Let’s Talk Data” mini-webinar series.

Join Steve Zisk, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, from Redpoint Global, for a quick 3-part series exploring customer data management. This video is part 3 of the series, focusing on the use cases of customer data management.

Throughout the series, Steve will review: What are the common and not-so-common sources of data? How do we connect data management and customer experience? What are the outcomes we are trying to achieve with our customer data?

  • Part 1 – Data fundamentals, challenges and goals
  • Part 2 – Deeper dive into data and what you can do with your customer data
  • Part 3 – Use cases of customer data management and how to orchestrate the data to drive revenue

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