Privacy & Compliance

A process that’s closed loop. And better managed.

Key Benefits

The best experiences are highly personalized (for customers) and very responsible (for marketers). That’s why Redpoint® uses a closed-loop process that seamlessly connects customer preferences & requests to engagement solutions and data governance. No costly penalties, no needless risk.


Personal and private.

Leverage consumer data to stage highly relevant experiences. While safeguarding your efforts with the right policies and strict governance.


Listening and learning.

Monitor every customer across every interaction point, and immediately adjust to their preferences, requests and choices.


Automated and advanced.

Security, privacy, visibility and governance, all automated across your org? Yes, and across every touchpoint. Yes, with Redpoint.

rg1® in action.

With rg1, companies can implement and maintain the most robust privacy and compliance strategies while advancing their efforts, programs and campaigns across a wide spectrum of use cases.


From GDPR to CCPA, from HIPAA to PCI, Redpoint offers a proven record of solving the most complex technical challenges in helping companies achieve and maintain compliance.

Empowering and partnering with corporate legal and compliance: This is how we protect your best interests, and your customers’.

Consumer Preferences

It’s your choice: We can use your existing preference center, or draw on our proud partnership with PossibleNow to implement the most appropriate and viable transparent customer privacy practices.

In either case, you’re equipped to proactively respond to customer requests, and to deliver more relevant experiences. Which means building enduring long-term relationships.


Leverage rgOne to establish the right frameworks for handling all the data management within your org’s privacy and compliance ecosystem.

  • Tracking event histories and customer requests
  • Recording internal event decisions
  • Triggering workflows upon event occurrence
  • Defining user roles and permissions
  • Providing confirmation updates to customers
  • Maintaining auditable logs
  • And more

Extend to Enterprise Systems

Use rgOne’s master data management (MDM) capabilities to distribute privacy requests throughout your org’s source systems.

Actions taken, information retained and deleted: They’re all passed across the enterprise to ensure full compliance. Regulatory practices and audits: They’re all enabled, respected, and adhered to.

Needs met, value delivered. For your customers, for you.

Consumers expect highly personalized experiences and will allow brands to use their data responsibly, if they’re met with relevant messages and offers. The rg1 platform’s closed-loop process identifies and connects with completely auditable data lineage, simply and powerfully.

Identity resolution, privacy solution.

rg1 provides complete identity resolution that's updated in real time, effectively laying the right foundation for privacy compliance at the individual consumer level.

A single, secure perimeter.

Because rg1 is hostable in your private cloud, you maintain complete control of its security perimeter. And you manage sensitive customer data with all the proper safeguards.

Automation and agility.

You can design automations, configure workflows, and define user permissions and roles. So you maintain oversight of all your data with ease, agility and confidence.

Preferences made profitable.

Transform customer preferences from requirements into assets — by encouraging customers opt-in to data sharing and enjoying more engaging, more relevant experiences in return.

“At last, we can keep identities clean and perfect for all our ongoing donor communications. Not having to manage duplicate accounts has, by itself, nearly paid for the cost of the Redpoint® solution.”

Cate Twohill

Senior Director, Solutions at Community Development Partnership

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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