Redpoint Global is the Most Comprehensive Customer Data Platform in CDP Institute Vendor Comparison Report

For the second consecutive year, Redpoint is only platform that provides all features and capabilities measured by the vendor-neutral organization

Wellesley Hills, Mass. – November 20, 2019 – Redpoint Global, a top provider of customer data platform and customer engagement technologies, today announced that for the second consecutive year, it has the most comprehensive customer data platform (CDP), based on functional breadth, in the CDP Institute Vendor Comparison Report. The Customer Data Platform Institute is a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data.

The CDP Vendor Comparison Report presents a side-by-side comparison of key features that differentiate CDP vendors. Redpoint Global has the most extensive offering in the report – outperforming all other 32 vendors evaluated. Of the companies assessed by the CDP Institute, Redpoint Global was the only vendor that met the criteria for every capability and feature measured in the report.

“Creating a personalized experience for the always-on, connected customer requires a complete understanding of their preferences and behaviors,” said John Nash, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Redpoint Global. “To achieve this, brands must know all that is knowable about each customer and have the ability to make dynamic decisions in the moment, taking into account the totality of available customer data. Innovative brands use Redpoint’s platform to bring all customer data together, automate machine learning and drive consistent real-time engagement across all touchpoints. Redpoint technology successfully drives unparalleled revenue growth for brands, empowering them to deliver relevant, timely and individualized messages. Our position as the most comprehensive CDP in this report validates our mission of helping marketers lead their markets.”

Redpoint Global customers use a CDP for a wide variety of results-oriented use cases. Due to the breadth and depth of its functionality, the Redpoint Global solution is well-suited to support these diverse applications. The experience a brand delivers has emerged as the single most important differentiator in today’s competitive landscape – and CDPs play a critical role. Accordingly, the CDP industry sustained strong growth through 2018, adding 29 vendors and $173 million in funding. Revenue for 2019 is expected to exceed $1 billion, according to the CDP Industry Report.

With the Redpoint Customer Data Platform, businesses create and persist a golden record for each customer: a singular, accurate and continuously updated enterprise view of a customer. This holistic view is fundamental to orchestrating the most relevant messages and actions that underpin the type of personalized customer experience today’s consumers demand.

Redpoint Global is a founding member and gold sponsor of the Customer Data Platform Institute. The CDP Institute does not rank vendors in this report or indicate that more features are necessarily better. The report compares CDPs to showcase features that support various use cases. To view the full CDP Institute report, please visit

About Redpoint Global, Inc.

With Redpoint’s software platform, innovative companies are transforming their customer experiences across the enterprise and driving higher revenue. Redpoint’s solutions provide a remarkably unified, single point of control where all customer data is connected and every customer touchpoint intelligently orchestrated. Delivering more engaging customer experiences, highly personalized moments, relevant next-best actions, and tangible ROI – this is how leading marketers lead markets. To learn more, visit

About the CDP Institute

The Customer Data Platform Institute provides vendor-neutral information about issues, methods, and technologies for creating unified, persistent customer databases. Activities include publishing of educational materials, news about industry developments, creation of best practice guides, a directory of industry vendors, and consulting on related issues. For more information, visit



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