Redpoint Global Releases Java SDK to Connect Quality Data to Top Analytics & Business Applications

Newest integration capabilities allow companies to customize to meet their unique needs

Wellesley Hills, Mass. – February 29, 2016 – Redpoint Global (, a leading provider of data management and digital marketing software, today released a Java software development kit (SDK) to make it easy for customers to extend the functionality of Redpoint Data Management for any type of workflow or data project. Data-driven organizations will be able to more effectively monetize data across the enterprise with this new SDK.

With the release of the Redpoint Data Management Java Software Development Kit™ (SDK), developers are now able to quickly link Redpoint Data Management to any application. With Redpoint Java SDK, developers can create custom tools in standard Java IDEs like NetBeans or Eclipse that link to any off-the-shelf business application and custom-built internal applications. It also enables Redpoint Global’s own professional services teams or its partners to quickly customize the platform for just about any customer need.

“There are a tremendous number of applications out there that make the lives of data analysts easier,” said Dale Renner, CEO of Redpoint Global. “Whether the problem is simple or complex, our customers want an efficient and effective way to connect into those applications. As a simple example, one of our clients wanted to understand the drive time between two points as they thought about customer acquisition strategies. We connected Google Maps into the workflow to handle the calculations in the background and then fed the information right into an existing Data Management workflow. This took about twenty minutes to solve.”

Another Redpoint customer with a more complex metadata processing challenge had an input of 15 billion transactional records widened by 20,000 derived dependent statistical variables producing 140 million summarized statistical records. Using Redpoint Java SDK, Redpoint achieved a 10X improvement in development time and the application performed over 37.5 trillion calculations per hour against data that was stored in a Data Lake, using a six node Hadoop cluster.

Other use cases of the Redpoint Data Management Java SDK include, but are not limited to:

  • Output native analytical formats like Tableau and Power BI, and incorporating them into any workflow
  • Writing data in highly-customized formats or standardized formats like SAP or into Salesforce
  • Using external libraries for comparisons, calculations and other data enhancements
  • Integrating with local, in country address standardization vendors for optimal address quality in over 200 countries
  • Integrating with streaming data and streaming analytic applications within the Hadoop ecosystem, like Apache Storm, Spark and Kafka

“The Java SDK takes less than an hour to learn and enables our customers to quickly customize their own Redpoint Data Management installations,” said Renner. “We are dedicated to making our products as flexible as possible so customers can use their data however they want. The Java SDK has been created specifically to help customers get even more value from their data faster.”

Redpoint Data Management manages the processing and integration of streaming data from the Internet of Things (IoT), and first- and third-party data in a single application, enabling users to bring together data in any cadence, format, and size. Data Management easily deploys in hybrid data processing environments and uniquely integrates into HDFS because it is a pure YARN application.

The sophisticated data management features of the Redpoint offering include: matching and identity resolution, master key management, data parsing, international address standardization, data quality, aggregations, transformations, and automations. A unique benefit of Redpoint Data Management is its ability to deliver these robust capabilities across both traditional and Hadoop data environments due to its pure YARN integration. This provides a single application and interface that spans both traditional data engines and Hadoop Data Lakes.

The Redpoint Data Management Java SDK is available as part of the latest release of Redpoint Data Management. For more information visit:

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