Redpoint Global and Lucerna Health Partner to Innovate Consumer Engagement Across the Healthcare Lifecycle

Partnership Offers Providers and Payers a Way to Advance the Transformation to Value-Based Care through Personalized Engagement, Leading to Better Financial Performance and Health Outcomes

WELLESLEY HILLS, Mass.Nov. 28, 2018 — Redpoint Global, a top provider of customer data platform and customer engagement technology, today announced a partnership with Lucerna Health to enable healthcare providers and payers to increase effectiveness and value across the entire healthcare lifecycle. Redpoint’s Customer Engagement Hub provides a single point of control over data, messaging decisions, and interactions that overcome the fragmented and siloed nature of healthcare systems.  Combined with Lucerna Health’s comprehensive services, providers and payers now have access to a simplified operating system to manage value-based care approaches while maintaining focus on delivering patient-centered care. By bringing personalization to the forefront of the healthcare relationship, healthcare organizations can enable their patients and/or members to lower the risks associated with long-term chronic health issues while also delivering cost-effective, value-based care in a market that is under pressure to innovate.

According the Kaiser Family Foundation, healthcare spending in the US was 17.9% of the GDP in 2016, a percentage that climbs every year. At approximately $3.3 trillion in annual spend, healthcare cost in the U.S. far exceeds any comparable country’s GDP share by more than 7%. Reacting to these growing costs, 75 percent of health payments will have a value-based care component by 2021. These patient-centric models have shown substantial cost and outcome improvements, especially in chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes.

“Value-based care systems are evolving but have been difficult to optimize, with siloed patient clinical and interaction information inaccessible to all the different stakeholders delivering care and services to members/patients,” said Craig Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of Lucerna Health. “Payer-provider alliances that integrate data, analytics, processes, and services are required to understand and engage with physicians and their patients effectively. We partnered with Redpoint Global because their technology supports seamless integration of complex clinical, operations, and consumer behavior and interactions data from any source to deliver the personalized insights and multi-channel campaign orchestration capabilities necessary to meet the multiple needs of payers, providers, and patients.”

“Today’s device-hopping, empowered customers expect to find what they want, when and where they want it. Healthcare’s customers are no different,” wrote Cinny Little, Senior Analyst at Forrester, in a report she co-authored entitled Healthcare Must Embrace Digital To Win In Consumer Engagement1. “Patients, families, purchasers of insurance, and even employees expect to be able to connect with their healthcare organizations digitally … They want this through easily accessible web presences and their ever-present mobile devices. And they want this as a cohesive experience, not disjointed interactions.”

Mastering Personalization in Healthcare

Digital transformation has increased the number of ways to interact with patients including mobile, social, web, email, sensors, call centers and all types of connected devices. Redpoint enables healthcare payers and providers to leverage all sources of member/patient data (including consumer, clinical, and claims) to deliver unique consumer experiences that increase engagement and improve healthcare outcomes. These data sources include traditional data in addition to sensor data from wearables, inputs about regional health trends, mobile data about food intake, exercise data, glucose and/or blood pressure rates. Advanced analytics and machine learning take advantage of this data to offer personalized messages at scale for each individual consumer, with the next-best actions communicated digitally or through provider practitioners, all aimed at driving wellness outcomes.

The changing nature of the relationships between patient, provider and payers is increasingly dependent on the value exchange of information. Patient behavior is the number one determinant of healthcare outcomes for several conditions, requiring a comprehensive way for payers and providers to engage with consumers on an ongoing basis.  This is becoming an imperative with the shift to value-based care and increased consumerism.  In addition to delivering better outcomes, personalized engagement minimizes friction in patient communication to become a key factor in member retention and increased customer lifetime value.

“Providing effective, value-added patient care requires a comprehensive enterprise-level solution as the foundation for personalized engagement,” states Dale Renner, Co-Founder and CEO of Redpoint Global. “Lucerna’s consulting, analytics and operations capabilities combined with Redpoint’s Customer Engagement Hub provides an unparalleled delivery platform to drive the optimal level of personalized engagement that incentivizes healthy habits, facilitates a deeper understanding of customer preferences and helps providers recommend the next-best action in real time for each individual patient. Together we offer a game-changing way to deliver patient-centric care, while also driving profitability and growth for both providers and payers.”

“We selected Lucerna Health to help expand our footprint in the marketplace through deep alliances with forward-looking payers and to help us understand and build relationships with our patients,” said Fernando Fonseca, M.D., CEO of Sanitas USA. “Sanitas puts patients and their families at the center of everything we do.  Redpoint and Lucerna Health are uniquely positioned to help us further our mission, helping us with a set of data-driven services to personalize engagement. The new levels of patient insight are key to our offering next-generation value-based care and transforming patient outcomes.”

About Lucerna Health

Lucerna Health helps healthcare providers and payers expand, grow and succeed in the rapidly evolving value-based care (VBC) environment, with a “Healthcare Forward” approach. Lucerna Health provides health consulting, payer-provider alliance development, marketing, health engagement and VBC operating services to help providers and payers “Walk the VBC Talk”. For more information visit

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With Redpoint’s software platform, innovative companies are transforming their customer experiences across the enterprise and driving higher revenue. Redpoint’s solutions provide a remarkably unified, single point of control where all customer data is connected and every customer touchpoint intelligently orchestrated. Delivering more engaging customer experiences, highly personalized moments, relevant next-best actions, and tangible ROI – this is how leading marketers lead markets. To learn more, visit

1 Healthcare Must Embrace Digital To Win In Consumer Engagement, Forrester Research, Inc., November 10, 2016.

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