Redpoint Global Adds Support for New Email, Social and Content Management Applications

New Capabilities Give Marketers Additional Flexibility and Easier Access to Wide Range of Integrated Marketing Capabilities

Wellesley Hills, Mass. – January 8, 2014 – Redpoint Global Inc. (, a leading provider of customer engagement solutions, today expanded its marketing ecosystem by adding support for new social media platforms, email service provider (ESP) software and content management systems. This extends the capabilities of Redpoint Global’s platform and gives marketers more flexibility for creating cost-effective multi-channel customer engagement programs from one operating platform where all data, content and rules reside.

The new plug-ins provide more options for marketers to dynamically create email campaigns, social postings, and landing pages by pulling content directly from outside asset management stores. This allows marketers who use a variety of ESP or social media solutions to access assets from a centralized repository, eliminating duplication, time and effort. It also gives marketers the option to effectively utilize less expensive email services which do not provide their own asset management capabilities.

“Traditionally email providers lock in a company’s customer data, email content and rules. Marketers who want to switch email services find it complicated, expensive and time consuming to make the move. Redpoint Global’s unique design makes this transition easy since all the rules and the data are set up and stored in our platform and accessible through a single user interface,” said Dale Renner, Redpoint Global’s CEO and founder.

Designed from the start with an Application Programming Interface-based (API) architecture, Redpoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform already integrates with popular analytics, reporting, social, email, content and asset management systems. The company has extended this support today to include new integrations with Tumblr blogging software and YouTube, and new support for CheetahMail, Silverpop, SendGrid and SmartSource email services.

Redpoint also announced plans to support additional distributed asset management systems, including ExactTarget Portfolio, Adobe, Rackspace, OpenText, North Plains Systems, and File Transfer Protocol-based (FTP) external content systems. These content repositories are in addition to existing capabilities that enable marketers to retrieve assets dynamically from Amazon Web Services and SharePoint.

“In today’s world, customers interact with companies through a variety of channels. It’s up to marketers to find solutions that allow their companies to listen better and respond in a relevant and timely way,” said Renner. “Redpoint Global is helping marketers do this through its platform which acts as a connective grid for the integrated marketing solutions that marketers need in today’s digital world.”

For more information about these new capabilities call +1 (781) 725-0250.

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