1-800 Contacts Rapidly Adapts Consumer Engagement During COVID-19

Redpoint’s Intelligent Orchestration Enables Enhanced Omnichannel Personalization for New Segments

 Wellesley Hills, Mass. – August 4, 2020 – 1-800 Contacts selected Redpoint Global in 2020 as their technology platform to orchestrate the omnichannel experiences at the heart of its innovative customer relationship management strategy. The customer-centric approach of the largest contact lens retailer in the US combined with advanced marketing initiatives have enabled 1-800 Contacts to step up efforts to reach and delight an entirely new audience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its 25-year history, 1-800 Contacts has placed the customer at the center of every decision. Over the past 24 months, the brand has placed an increasing focus on using personalization technology to scale an already best-in-class customer-centric approach, making its marketing highly adaptive to the times. Redpoint underpins the depth and flexibility of their approach with technology to tie various marketing execution systems together and make real-time personalization possible. Combined with simplified shipping and ecommerce enhancements, 1-800 Contacts has also further strengthened their customer connections and removed friction from the customer experience.

“Everything we do is driven by a relentless commitment to deliver the best experiences for our customers,” said Phil Bienert, Chief Marketing Officer at 1-800 Contacts. “This commitment deepened during COVID-19, knowing we were responsible for delivering an essential product quickly and reliably. We also discovered our call center agents were on calls longer because our customers were craving more human interaction versus just a transactional experience. Taking time to deliver personalized experiences for customers drives loyalty and fosters a strong positive sentiment of the company. We know to build lasting customer relationships; we need the most accurate real-time customer data accessible through a continually updated single customer view. Redpoint’s rg1 platform will be a fundamental element to help deliver this type of personalization at scale.”

Redpoint has enabled enhanced campaign management and is helping 1-800 Contacts create simplified, intelligent orchestration across segments. As platform use expands, Redpoint will deepen campaign capabilities and enable a full 360-degree view of the customer.  Redpoint’s rg1 offers an enterprise-class platform to deliver highly personalized omnichannel experiences, with an open garden approach that empowers enterprises to leverage existing investments in data and last-mile touchpoints. The solution provides brands like 1-800 Contacts with a continually updated single customer view, a “Golden Record” of each consumer, providing the best context for engaging each customer across any channel at any given moment.

Unparalleled dedication to customer service is not new to 1-800 Contacts. With online telemedicine tools such as ExpressExam and an ever-strengthening connection to the customer through Redpoint, 1-800 Contacts serves as a vital healthcare resource during a time when access to vision care is limited. The company continues to see a marked increase in demand: everyone from first responders and frontline healthcare workers to customers unable to order new lenses from their doctors were looking for an affordable and reliable way to get much-needed lenses. Because of increased customer engagement, Bienert said that 1-800 Contacts was able to handle its customers’ increased demand without delay.

“As one of the original direct to consumer brands (DTC), 1-800 Contacts already knew the value of differentiated experiences,” said John Nash, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Redpoint Global. “1-800 Contacts has been on an ambitious path to creating a market-leading one-to-one customer experience, an approach that proved invaluable in understanding the needs and expectations of new customer segments during a turbulent time. Redpoint is committed to helping them to continue delivering on their ambitious goals – that is to achieve exceptional customer loyalty and realize new sources of revenue.”

About 1-800 Contacts
1-800 Contacts is the original disruptor of the vision industry and has spent the last 25 years in pursuit of a better way for vision care and customer experience. The brand has advocated relentlessly on behalf of customers, securing federal legislation that allowed customers the right to their prescription and paving the way for another generation of start-ups. As the largest seller of contact lenses, 1-800 Contacts seamlessly serves millions of loyal customers monthly who have rewarded the brand with a Net Promoter Score above 80. 1-800 Contacts employs more than 1,000 associates between its Utah and North Carolina campuses and is part of the Internet Retailer Top 500.

About Redpoint Global

With Redpoint’s software platform, rg1, innovative companies are transforming their customer experiences across the enterprise and driving higher revenue. Redpoint’s solutions provide a remarkably unified, single point of control where all customer data is connected and every customer touchpoint intelligently orchestrated. Delivering the perfect customer experience – more engaging, highly personalized moments, relevant next-best actions, and tangible ROI—this is how leading marketers lead markets. To learn more, visit redpointglobal.com.


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