Reporting & Dashboards

Reliably monitor the performance of every customer engagement effort, campaign and moment.

Key Benefits

With rgOne®, you can easily monitor and probe all the data around — and within — the full range of your omnichannel customer engagement initiatives. The result of this unparalleled level of insight into campaign performance? Better business decisions. And better results.


Use interactive visualization tools like Venn diagrams to explore real-time updates to all customer and campaign data.

Flexible drill downs.

Deep insights let you track how specific segment details — such as high-value customers, for example — change over time. And helps you smartly adjust.


View any and all analytics data via industry standard business intelligence solutions — to easily execute queries and build custom reports.

Key Highlights

Dashboards, customized and shared.

Build dashboards from configurable widgets to monitor campaign operations, channel activity and other details such social media statistics. You’ll see real-time results to support every business decision, and can easily share them to ensure collaboration and enterprise alignment.

  • Track engagement, conversions and form submissions
  • Review segment counts, heat maps and channel performance
  • Share valuable insights among select team members

Insights, traceable and comparable.

Track relevant data points associated to particular selection rules or audiences. That means you can quickly assess the details among high-value customer segments, understand how they’ve changed over time, and respond smartly.

  • Review details at micro-granular levels, such as personas
  • Use timelines to compare different snapshots

Reports, preconfigured or custom.

Synthesize outcomes in nearly any format, from preconfigured to highly customizable reports.

  • Access standard reports automatically populated with data such as email clicks, opens, and conversions
  • Build customizable reports with any among the dozens of starter templates within rgOne
  • Sync rgOne analytics data with third party BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau and Looker

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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