360-Degree Customer View

The most complete view of the customer is the 360-degree view

Defining the 360-Degree Customer View

Having a holistic view of each customer, member, or patient will enable you to present contextually relevant experiences at every opportunity. A 360-degree view of the customer means having real-time access to everything that’s knowable about each customer in one place. The data that comprises a single view of the customer will be unique to your company based on what’s important to your business. It should include first-party data, but may also include second-, and third-party data from internal and external systems and channels, such as:

  • Website behavior data, including shopping cart data
  • POS systems
  • CRM systems
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Call center transcripts
  • Preference centers

“Having all customer data available to us in one place, with the confidence that it is accurate, timely and comprehensive, has been the biggest asset of partnering with Redpoint®.”

Will Aubuchon

CEO of W.E. Aubuchon Co. Inc.

Key Benefits

A single view of the customer is often called a “golden record” for good reason: There is no better view of the customer than a holistic one. Customer data management (CDM) solutions can break down silos of customer data to create that 360-degree view of the customer, which can help to improve decision making by taking into account all known data points about a single customer.

Set Up for Long-Term Success

By bringing together individual pieces of customer data into a single 360-degree record for each customer, you can access unique insights that will enable you to make personalized offers and curate impactful customer experiences that can create a lasting competitive advantage.

Unlock Customer Insights

Data sources are often spread throughout an organization and locked into functional and channel-specific silos. CDM provides a single view of the customer that enables you to see trends, preferences, etc. that you will not otherwise notice and then use that insight to inform your decisions.

Ensure Consistent Experiences

Deeply understanding customers leads to better products, more contextually relevant marketing, and more personalized customer experiences. All of this improves customer retention and lifetime value.

Key Highlights

Building a 360-degree view of the customer isn’t as challenging as it might sound. The rgOne® platform offers customer data management that allows companies to orchestrate large volumes of customer data and operationalize the customer’s Golden Record in real time across channels to drive revenue—while supporting even the most unique requirements for enterprise marketers.

Connect, Merge & Match

Efficiently exchange data between existing systems and applications, while orchestrating customized merging and matching, to get an up-to-the-minute 360 customer view.

Resolve Identities

Decipher customer identities—including names, street and IP addresses, cookies, and devices IDs—to hone each customers’ golden record.

Keep Data Quality High

Correlate and immediately correct data issues across systems to ensure consistent and continuous customer data quality. 

One Key to Unlock Them All

Monitor, track, and update customer data across data sources in real time—while retaining multiple identity levels (individual, household, business)—to maintain an always-accurate 360-view of the customer.

Real Data in Real Time

Deliver more contextually relevant experiences at the cadence of the customer with 360-view customer data that is continuously updated across systems in real time.

Enriched Data for Rich Experiences

Correlate and immediately correct data issues across systems to ensure consistent and continuous customer data quality. Create a richer 360-degree view of the customer and deliver even richer customer experiences by seamlessly connecting third-party data providers to enrich customers’ golden records.

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