San Francisco, CA – March 31, 2015 – Splice Machine, provider of The Hadoop RDBMS, today announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Redpoint Global, a data management and digital marketing software leader, to bring its customers a complete omnichannel marketing solution for Big Data. The Company made the announcement today at MarTech in San Francisco, a vendor-agnostic forum founded by popular blogger Scott Brinker, to help organizations understand the benefits of integrating marketing technology into their business strategy and operations.

With massively scalable database technology from Splice Machine and next-generation, cross-channel marketing and data quality technology from Redpoint, the partnership delivers the first marketing platform that can use Big Data to power the hyper-personalized, real-time interactions needed to engage today’s omnichannel customer.

“Marketers have traditionally planned their strategies across two dimensions: time and money. Today’s smart marketers compete on three dimensions: data, time and money,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. “Together with Redpoint, we are giving companies the ability to harvest data to dynamically create 360-degree views of their customers, and communicate relevant offers and messages that engage and delight customers across all touchpoints in real time. Our partnership with Redpoint provides a highly scalable, omnichannel marketing application for marketers.”

Splice Machine’s Hadoop RDBMS has been integrated and certified on Redpoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform™ to create a new breed of solution for marketers. With cost-efficient database scale-out and real-time cross-channel execution, the solution enables enterprises to future-proof their marketing technology investment through affordable access to all their data (social, mobile, clickstreams, website behaviors, etc.) across a proliferating and ever-changing list of channels. Furthermore, it complements any existing Hadoop deployment, including those on the Cloudera, MapR and Hortonworks distributions.

Through its partnership with Redpoint, Splice Machine not only enables marketers to create unified customer profiles but also take action on insights gleaned from that data and send relevant offers in real-time across all customer touchpoints. The result is a more effective option than running traditional siloed marketing applications on costly legacy databases, such as Oracle and IBM DB2.

“Redpoint has been recognized by the top analyst firms as a leader in cross-channel campaign management, as a key competitor in the digital marketing hub arena, and as a pace-setter for integrating data into the entire marketing ecosystem,” said Dale Renner, CEO and founder of Redpoint Global. “Our clients are successful because we put data at the center of all their efforts to understand and connect with their customers in whatever context and time required. We are excited to work with Splice Machine to build a powerful, affordable and scalable platform that brings our vision to more and more marketers.”

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Splice Machine’s Hadoop RDBMS is designed to scale real-time applications using commodity hardware without application rewrites. The Splice Machine database is a modern, scale-out alternative to traditional RDBMSs, such as Oracle®, MySQL™, IBM DB2® and Microsoft SQL Server®, that can deliver over a 10x improvement in price/performance. As a full-featured Hadoop RDBMS with ACID transactions, the Splice Machine database helps customers power real-time applications and operational analytics, especially as they approach Big Data scale.

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