Wellesley Hills, Mass. – December 5, 2013 – Redpoint Global Inc. (www.redpointglobal.com), a leading provider of data management and digital marketing software, today announced that it has added real-time inbound marketing capabilities to its customer engagement management platform. Now marketers can use Redpoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform to empower their marketing with instantaneous decisions about what offers or messages to present to customers during live interactions, such as when a customer visits a website.

Thanks to Redpoint Global’s real-time capabilities, marketers can now engage customers during live interactions with precise and relevant messages. For example, a website visitor, whether new or returning, can be presented with a unique online experience based on a previous offer or on the visitor’s characteristics.

“In the next five to seven years, businesses that rely strictly on historical views of their customers as the foundation of marketing will miss the opportunity to compete in a real-time world that is fueled by social, mobile, information and cloud (characterized as the Nexus of Forces). Chief marketing officers who make decisions on history will put their market share at risk and potentially — their very survival,” according to Gartner in its Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing, 2013 (Published: 23 July 2013 ID: G00251883).

“The job of today’s marketer is to engage customers appropriately no matter how or when a customer chooses. That can be via Twitter, by email, through a call center, on a website, or all of the above within the same engagement,” said Redpoint Global CEO and Founder Dale Renner. “When a customer engages, regardless of method, it’s a moment of truth for the company. To capitalize on the opportunity companies must have the insights and ability to take action in a way that is relevant to the customer. With Redpoint’s real-time marketing capabilities, marketers are able to take advantage of these moments to create compelling, engaging experiences for each customer.”

The real-time capabilities enable Redpoint users to:

  • Make instant decisions about what message or offer to present during live customer interactions, such as on websites;
  • Personalize interactions with anonymous web visitors based only on behavior, or with known customers by also factoring in existing profile data;
  • Use clues about anonymous visitors to identify them as known customers to improve relevance of real-time decisions; and
  • Take advantage of pre-built rule options for web personalization or build new rules for other touch-points, such as mobile , social, call center, point-of-sale, etc.

Redpoint’s real-time inbound capabilities are available immediately. For more information call +1 781-725-0250.

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