Wellesley Hills, Mass. – Dec. 1, 2015 – RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement technology, announced today its collaboration with M2 Partners Inc., a strategic management consultancy specializing in developing strategies to help companies drive more value from their customer relationships. The value of this collaboration will provide customers in financial services, retail, telecommunications and energy sectors with the technology and business expertise necessary to achieve true omnichannel marketing that aligns with their business goals.

“One cannot emphasize enough how an organization must be in a state of readiness to enable the full optimization of these solutions,” commented M2 Partners Founder and CEO Jill M. Speirs. “The potential for leveraging the power of these solutions is significant, but what is so often not understood is that optimization comes from the integration of the right marketing strategy with the right business process preparation, the alignment of resource talent and the customer data. We’re delighted to be collaborating with RedPoint and together we are able to offer companies a leading and innovative set of services and solutions to drive rapid business success.”

Founded in 2004, M2 Partners is a company focused on Customer Strategy and the development of the right plans, processes and data as well as the optimization of technology to enable the most profitable customer journeys. As an on-demand consultancy, M2 Partners’ expertise is in the rapid and practical solution identification and implementation, and delivering ROI for clients in as little as six months.

“When speaking with companies from many different industries, there still seems to be a misunderstanding that implementing marketing technology solves all challenges,” said Dale Renner, CEO and founder of RedPoint Global. “The truth is, it’s a major differentiator and a huge enabler of more effective marketing, but marketers still matter – in fact they matter even more now with this type of power is in their hands. That’s why the partnership with M2 Partners is so important. Their team is skilled in uncovering the full strategic value of RedPoint’s solutions through effective identification of opportunities, and designing the right, pragmatic execution – something that adds real value to our customers’ investment.”

To learn more about RedPoint Global, please visit www.redpointglobal.com.

About RedPoint Global Inc.

RedPoint Global empowers marketers to bring together all the customer data they need to create precise one-to-one interactions with customers across any and all marketing channels. Unlike other solutions, the RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform, a customer engagement platform, enables users to quickly extract structured and unstructured data from wherever it is, easily analyze customer behaviors and preferences, and create precisely the right messaging — whenever and through whatever channel required — all from a single platform. No other software provider offers an all-in-one solution PLUS speed-to-market and robust scalability. For more information please visit http://www.redpoint.net or email contact.us@redpointglobal.com

About M2 Partners

M2 is an on-demand consulting team in the US and Canada that specializes in developing strategies to help companies extract more value from their customers. We diagnose CRM-related issues and problems through quick and effective engagement, and work with the organizations to develop the right processes, the right customer journeys, roles and responsibilities as well as to select the right technology solutions to ensure the strategic vision is full realized. M2’s team consists of multi-talented consultants based in Canada and the US. The team’s collective skill set covers both business and technology areas such as operations improvement, new business development, eCommerce, multi channel retailing, business process design, data management & governance and analytics & measurement. For more information please visit http://www.m2partners.ca or email contact@m2partners.ca.