Wellesley Hills, MA – June 11, 2015 – Many marketers today understand the value of customer data in marketing operations, yet few have mastered how to implement the right strategy for leveraging these insights. At Merkle’s 2015 Performance Marketing Executive Summit, RedPoint Global will host a breakfast workshop, “Orchestrating Your Strategy: 3 Ideas to Power Platform Marketing,” led by Jason McNellis, RedPoint VP of product strategy and a former Forrester analyst. Attendees will learn how to master addressability at scale and gain a competitive advantage in today’s market.

RedPoint will also be participating in a panel discussion on Wednesday, June 17 at 9:50 am, along with Scott Brinker, author of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, and other leaders in the industry. The panel discussion, moderated by Merkle’s CTO Matt Mobley, is titled “Marketing Clouds: At the Epicenter of the AdTech & MarTech Collision.”

During the breakfast workshop, attendees will hear real-world examples of brands who are leveraging data, analytics and multi-channel interactions to master the addressable customer experience. McNellis will elaborate on the importance of effectively leveraging context in two speeds – both slow and fast – in order to provide a real-time customer experience.

Merkle’s annual invitation-only Summit focuses on the opportunity of addressability at scale that is enabled by digital audience platforms, like those from RedPoint, which has been a long-time Merkle partner. The event brings together a host of keynote addresses, panel discussions and breakouts, which aim to equip attendees with the skills required to capitalize on this opportunity by reimagining the approach to customer acquisition and retention.

WHAT/WHEN:  Orchestrating Your Strategy: 3 Ideas to Power Platform Marketing, June 16 at 8:00 am.

WHAT/WHEN:  Marketing Clouds: At the Epicenter of AdTech & MarTech Collision, June 17 at 9:50 am.

WHO:                   Jason McNellis, Vice President of Product Strategy, RedPoint Global Inc.

WHERE:               Palmer House Hotel, Chicago, IL.


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