Wellesley Hills, Mass. – Sept. 4, 2013 – Redpoint Global Inc. (www.redpointglobal.com), a leading provider of data management and marketing campaign management software, announced today that it will debut its top-ranked Data Management product on the Hadoop™ 2.0 platform at the Big Data Innovation Summit next week. With this move Redpoint makes it easy for traditional database analysts (DBAs) and business analysts, who often lack specialized programming skills, to gain access to – and manipulate – data directly within Hadoop. Redpoint’s latest offering aims to help companies further realize the promised business value of Hadoop and Big Data.

While Hadoop has gained a dominant position in the Big Data ecosystem, marketers have found it challenging to reap the rewards of the vast troves of unstructured data available in Hadoop. These sources include tweets, telemetry, social graph scans, Facebook comments, blogs, emails, or mobile app activity. Without familiar and easy-to-use tools it is difficult, if not impossible, for organizations without specially-skilled programmers to access this data in a timely and efficient way.

A bigger problem is mapping this data to internal databases of customer records, prospect lists, surveys, warranty cards, subscriptions, transactions, demographics, and product information. The Redpoint Data Management tools for Hadoop will enable companies to access this structured and unstructured data, allowing them to solve problems like identity resolution and more precisely engage with customers across multiple channels.

The sophisticated data management features of the Redpoint offering include: identity resolution, master key management, data parsing, aggregations, and automations. While these capabilities are available in the traditional data world, they are largely missing from the world of Hadoop.

“While the potential value of Big Data is clear, access to the world of unstructured social and digital data within Hadoop has largely alluded marketers. To date, the only way to access that data is to write complex MapReduce processes,” said Dale H. Renner, CEO and founder of Redpoint Global. “Redpoint is delivering a way to take advantage of all this data by bringing full-fledged ETL, data quality and identity resolution tools to Hadoop. With our tools companies can utilize the skill sets that already exist in their organizations to achieve new insights and on a wider variety of data than ever before.”

Redpoint’s offering allows users to localize processing inside the Hadoop 2.0 YARN architecture. Other tools require users to move data out of the Hadoop cluster for analytics processing and data manipulation, defeating the very promise of Hadoop.

Redpoint Data Management on Hadoop will feature:

  • A simple graphical design that makes it easy-to-use and gives marketing organizations greater independence, helping to alleviate dependence on IT.
  • A robust toolset including parsing, standardization, master data management, list management, analytics, and modeling – all in a faster environment.
  • Greater scalability: marketers will be able to gain greater insight from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data more efficiently than ever before.
  • Locality: the analytics processing will now happen inside the super-fast Hadoop environment, making it faster than traditional techniques.
  • Flexibility to handle more data formats, making it even easier to analyze data from disparate sources, including social media.

“We are bringing marketers the ability to find answers to complex questions spanning their entire data set,” said George Corugedo, CTO and co-founder of Redpoint Global. “Marketers need quick answers to complex and changing questions, regardless of data size. Now they can get those answers by leveraging graphically-designed analytic processes that incorporate the best of classic database marketing and data quality. Since Redpoint’s Data Management for Hadoop is a YARN-based native application, it scales with the size of the Hadoop cluster without coding: no MapReduce, no Pig, no SQL.”

Redpoint Global will debut its latest product enhancement at the Big Data Innovation Summit in booth #12, taking place at the Westin Copley Place in Boston, Mass. on Sept. 12 and 13. During the Summit Redpoint Global’s CTO, George Corugedo will discuss how new ETL and data quality solutions can increase analyst productivity and deliver better utilization of Hadoop investments. Corugedo’s talk, “Get on the Hadoop Train, but Mind the Gap,” takes place Sept. 12 at 3:00 p.m.

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