Wellesley Hills, Mass. – June 13, 2016 – Redpoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement software, announced today that GuideWell Connect, a subsidiary of GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation, has selected Redpoint’s software to power solutions that deliver highly personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns for GuideWell’s new and existing business clients.

GuideWell Connect’s team of more than 700 professionals fuses science and art to deliver the end-to-end sales, marketing and member engagement solutions that are a requirement for success and profitability in the consumer-driven healthcare economy. The company offers a full range of marketing agency, production and creative services, and operates the no. 1 Large Sales Contact Center (any industry) in North America (as awarded by Benchmark Portal in 2014 and 2015). GuideWell is the originator of the Retail Center model in health insurance, operating 21 health insurance retail locations for Florida’s largest health insurer, as well as standing up consumer retail operations for health plans across the country.

GuideWell Connect’s President Craig Thomas said, “The key for us is deploying next-generation capabilities utilizing the best tools and talent in support of our health plan and provider clients across the country. Redpoint’s campaign management and data management solution gives us the ability to economically deliver our integrated, data-driven marketing services at scale, along with the client customization and consumer personalization that are must-haves for success and profitability today.”

The selection of Redpoint validates the company’s technology leadership and its strong fit for the healthcare market.

“It is not enough to be a good marketing company anymore. You have to be able to help clients succeed in every aspect of the consumer cycle: acquisition, onboarding, member engagement and retention. This requires a level of actionability and relational understanding that simply has not been available in healthcare before now. Redpoint helps us bring the full power of our consumer data and predictive analytics to bear for every healthcare marketing client,” said Mark Stryker, GuideWell Connect’s Chief Business Development Officer. “Our goal is to increase our clients’ effectiveness and profitability, while at the same time opening up opportunities for better health outcomes for the clients we all serve. For us, Redpoint is an integral part of that success.”

After a four-week implementation, GuideWell Connect began delivering targeted messaging campaigns for its health plan and healthcare clients. The full migration to Redpoint for GuideWell Connect’s entire client population is underway and a number of other providers also are planning to take advantage of the new capabilities being offered.

Redpoint optimizes customer engagement by uniquely combining multichannel marketing orchestration and the capabilities of a customer data platform. Redpoint’s platform enables organizations to drive better insights, interactions, and outcomes by utilizing all of their data all of the time, across any and all entities, devices and channels. What makes Redpoint different from other vendors in this market is its ability to enable marketers to create a unified view of a consumer, and leverage that view using real-time decisioning to optimize engagement.

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