Model Manager

Simply the most seamless operational framework with which to track, update, deploy, and run an extensive fleet of machine-learning models.

Key Benefits

No engineers required: Handle all your machine-learning models with one simple interface — and allow your users to create, change, and share models with no delays and easy, consistent controls. So you speed your model building while reducing your costs and manpower.

Powerful operations.

A complete model ops framework for training, testing, and managing highly advanced machine learning models.

Aligned to roles.

Marketers launch training with an intuitive UI, while data scientists and engineers see and control every detail of the modeling process.

Deployed directly.

Model Manager gives complete visibility and control to model publishing, allowing for model deployment freed from the burdens of coding and translation.

Key Highlights

Model ops, streamlined.

Track, update, deploy and run machine learning models all through a single point of control. The Model Manager lets marketers and data scientists, citizens & engineers manage their respective parts of the process — while gaining visibility and control over machine-learning model building, deployment and optimization.

Complexity, simplified.

Find, create, view, and annotate machine-learning models from a simple web interfaceAnd control model training (including visualization), publishing and optimization from one place. 

Versioning, improved.

Seamlessly version modelsand manage updates manually or automatically into production. Meanwhile, extensive metadata is captured for every model, so you can easily track training and usage details for all versions of any model. 

Publication, automated.

Publish, update and overwrite models, and make them available in the rgOne® platform’s Intelligent Orchestration module and as Web ServicesSchedule retraining and set conditions for automatic publishing of every new version. 

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