Model Execution & Optimization

Your models, easily published — and immediately available in Redpoint® or any other application. And ready for testing, updating and optimization — all live.

Key Benefits

Now you can deploy models directly as callable web services when theyre published by an rgOne® user, whether marketer or data scientist. They’re available directly within rgOne’s Intelligent Orchestration module, or any other marketing engine, with no need for developer coding or “plumbing.” And data can be automatically returned from interactions  to smoothly drive model optimization through retraining.

Push button simplicity.

No more complex exporting or manual coding: You can easily publish any machine-learning model when it's ready by simply pushing a button in the Model Manager.

Real-time access.

Instantly call published models to make real-time or batch decisions, shortening the time between building a model and using it from weeks to mere seconds.

Resource relief.

Automatically schedule, retrain and optimize models based on new data, and even automatically publish improved versions.

Key Highlights

Production, perfected.

Empower marketers to publish and use models without the need for IT resources:

  • Select the best model from a training session and publish with a simple push button
  • Pick a model from an audience selection rule or any other decision point in rgOne’s Intelligent Orchestration module  and see the list of published models in a convenient dropdown or quick search
  • Map model parameters to customer attributes using a simple intuitive interface  
  • Run the model as part of an interaction, in batch or real-time

Operations, aligned.

rgOne’s Automated Machine Learning (AML) capabilities are designed for live modeling  which means you can use models directly in any decision engine, such as a marketing hub, email service provider or personalization engine. rgOne’s Intelligent Orchestration module allows users to select and use models for any interaction, with no need for conversion or coding.

  • Plumb models into production environments without any IT resources
  • Models are immediately available when published, with no time delays
  • AML provides performance needed for real-time modeling in its Real-Time Decisioning Service 

Optimization, simplified.

Re-evaluate and optimize models through a set of easy to use controls. With data fed back from rgOne’s Intelligent Orchestration module, models can be evaluated for fitness, retrained, and republished  without any human intervention. 

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