The Fastest Path from Data to ROI: rgOne

One Redpoint Global client achieved 3x ROI in one year with rgOne™. What will your ROI be?

rgOne, Redpoint’s fully integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP), brings together all customer data points into one holistic view supported by 100s of out-of-the-box connectors. A key component to increasing efficiencies and eliminating over-marketing, rgOne possesses unparalleled deterministic and probabilistic identity resolution processes. With the ability to ingest any and all customer data, Redpoint’s CDP leads the industry in customer matching capabilities.

At last, we can keep identities clean and perfect for all our ongoing donor communications. Not having to manage duplicate accounts has, by itself, nearly paid for the cost of the Redpoint solution.

– Cate Twohill, Senior Director, Solutions at Community Development Partnership

Purpose-built for any and all customer data, whether streaming or batch, rgOne seamlessly makes your customer data fit for purpose in real time. Breakthrough performance gains from rgOne’s Automated Machine Learning enable real-time recommendations which can increase average order value, wallet share, purchase frequency, and customer lifetime value. One Redpoint client generated a 79% lift in conversions from real-time website offers.

Overall, we saw an improvement of 839%, including growth in every single segment.

– Michael Johnston, CRM Campaign Manager at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

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