Manage Customer Data Across Multiple Sources with 100s of Out-of-the-Box Connectors

Build something truly unique: a single source of truth informed by your real-time customer data collected at every touchpoint with rgOne™ from Redpoint Global.

As a result of rapid digital transformation, customer data now lives in a complex ecosystem of devices, applications, and systems with varying identifiers. Understanding your customers and optimizing their experiences requires the ability to completely integrate any and all data, from any source and in any format, into one single source of truth.

rgOne, Redpoint Global’s fully integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP), provides Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities that collect and ingest any type of data, automate data quality tasks and make data immediately available to other applications. rgOne is purpose-built to meet the demands of enterprise scalability and is securely deployable in our cloud or in yours, behind your firewall. With 100s of out-of-the-box connectors, industry-leading deterministic and probabilistic identity resolution processes, and the ability to accurately match identities and groupings like households, rgOne creates a single source of truth that is precise, available at speed and deployable in an agile manner.

Designed from the ground up for any and all customer data, whether streaming or batch, rgOne resolves data quality and integration issues at scale by using automated and exception-based processing. From real-time attribution to automated stewardship, lineage & version tracking and a responsive architecture,  rgOne puts an extensive suite of tools at your disposal to efficiently and accurately manage even the most complex data. High quality, automated with ease, zero latency, perfect accuracy and enterprise-wide access – this is your data in rgOne.

Unlike other CDPs that only promise results, rgOne actually delivers. One Redpoint client achieved 30:1 compression in data update cycles, processing 25B updates per month, scaled to 300 billion records across 100M+ households, and improved customer update cadence from 30 days to daily.

rgOne is the only CDP that:

  • Delivers an enterprise-scalable CDP
  • Creates a true, 360-degree view of each customer in real time
  • Executes 10,000s of data processes and decisions within 50-miliseconds
  • Processes every single data character & bit and makes it instantly available to marketers
  • Has clear visibility across multiple channels at once
  • Provides all-in-one requirements for analysts and marketers alike

[Redpoint’s data management processes] took us from ‘unknown’ or ‘partially known’ profiles to very strong profiles, known both demographically and psycho-graphically…. Plus, for the first time, we have visibility across all of our brands’ data.

– Andrew Heltzel, Director for Marketing and CRM at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

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