Highest Rated CDP for Marketing

Audience, channel, content and offers are selected at the moment of interaction. Which means every moment of your CX is relevant and timely with rgOne™ from Redpoint Global.

Lasting customer relationships are built on customer understanding — an always-on, always-updating Golden Record which powers all that you expect from your customer data. rgOne, Redpoint Global’s fully integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP), brings together all of these data points in one holistic view supported by 100s of out-of-the-box connectors. With unparalleled deterministic and probabilistic identity resolution processes and the ability to ingest any and all customer data, rgOne leads the industry in customer matching capabilities.

Redpoint’s CDP empowers you to lock onto valuable customer insights and orchestrate omnichannel experiences all from your single customer view. rgOne is purpose-built for any and all customer data, whether streaming or batch, and seamlessly makes the data fit for purpose in real time. This continuously updated customer record is the foundation for rgOne’s incomparable analytics and orchestration capabilities.

Campaigns can be orchestrated throughout your omnichannel environment and content can be personalized in real time at the speed and cadence of your customer – whether that’s 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 5 days. rgOne uses ‘derived by fact’ real-time decisioning analytics to drive precise messaging that is recalculated based on each customer’s individual interactions. So, you only deliver the most important message a customer needs at their moment of interaction.

Unlike other CDPs that only promise results, rgOne actually delivers. One Redpoint client expanded their revenue >19% by leveraging rgOne to unify 20 distinct databases, achieve real-time decision throughput in under 18 milliseconds, and enhanced marketing program ROI across 20 million decisions per day. 

rgOne is the only CDP that:

  • Delivers an enterprise-scalable CDP
  • Creates a true, 360-degree view of each customer in real time
  • Provides all-in-one requirements for analysts and marketers alike
  • Enables a perfect customer experience path for every individual customer at every individual moment
  • Processes every single data character & bit and makes it instantly available to marketers
  • Has clear visibility across multiple channels at once

Having all customer data available to us in one place, with the confidence that it is accurate, timely and comprehensive, has been the biggest asset of partnering with Redpoint…. With our data accessible from one place, we could easily react to any situation that evolved.

– Will Aubuchon, CEO of W.E. Aubuchon Co. Inc.

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