Offer & Asset Creation

Deliver the right messages, content and offers – appropriately optimized for each channel – all from a single solution!

The rg1 Difference

From text and images to HTML and dynamic elements, managing assets and related content across channels is often chaotic leading to irrelevant and inconsistent interactions. rg1 removes the complexity enabling companies to deliver the right assets on the right channels at the right time.

Yes, We Thought of That

Organize content, data, and offers, including from your external systems, into smart folder systems.

Remarkably Efficient

Boost productivity by simplifying complex marketing tasks into reusable components.

Prepare for Everything

Prepare perfectly optimized experiences for web, email, direct mail, SMS, mobile, social and ad campaigns.

Learn How Offer & Asset Creation Works

Deliver the Right Message

With rg1, marketers can confidently execute multichannel journeys and campaigns, not only delivering the right content, offers, messages to specific customers but also ensuring each content asset is optimized for the specific customer point of interaction.

Connect your existing content management systems – or systems – to rg1 to leverage your content libraries for multichannel customer journeys and campaigns.

With rg1, companies can not only utilize content and offers – in the form of images – but also HTML and other dynamic sources – each of which can be used to improve relevance and deliver great CX.

rg1 automatically tracks performance and engagement statistics of content assets. This enables business users to see which creative assets have the most impact.

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See How It Works

Why Is Getting Offer & Asset Creation Right So Important?

Presenting the right content to each customer across every point of interaction is a foundational requirement for executing great customer experiences. The challenge is that managing and orchestrating different types of content (images, html, text, dynamic elements) – including those for different types of screens – can be incredibly complex for marketers who are also trying to deliver omnichannel journeys. Fortunately, rg1 handles the heavy lifting regarding content orchestration – so you can focus on designing the best possible customer experiences, regardless of touchpoints.



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