Journey Execution

Engage customers across channels, evaluate results and optimize performance.

The rg1 Difference

Using a single interface, deploy relevant and timely customer experiences that span interactive touchpoints. Collect feedback and insights, and modify journeys or trigger event based on response data. Incorporate testing to ensure your efforts are fully optimized.

One UI, Endless Possibilities

Use a single interface to deploy multitouch, multichannel customer journeys across your last-mile solutions.

Track & Adjust Accordingly

Aggregate and analyze campaign performance data — opens, clicks, bounces, deliveries, failures

Test & Optimize

Deploy test candidates to continuously experiment and optimize your journeys and campaigns.

Learn How Journey Execution Works

Achieve the Desired Outcome

rg1 simplifies the otherwise daunting task of organizing, delivering, reporting upon, and optimizing messages and offers across all your execution channels and millions of points of interaction with all your customers.

Keep your existing last-mile solutions in place, add new ones or upgrade. With rg1, it really doesn’t matter. We integrate with the solutions you have in place and help you execute customer-first initiatives.

Collect insights and performance data from your last-mile solutions and utilize this data to validate a customer’s existing journey or send them down another path altogether.

Strategically deploy testing strategies to ensure your customer experiences are fully optimized. As needed, make adjustments to ensure maximum ROI.

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Why Is Getting Journey Execution Right So Important?

The days of setting it and forgetting it are way behind us. Effective journey execution requires dynamic flow. Ambitious CX encompasses monitoring, learning, experimenting, and capitalizing – all in the cadence of your business. In rg1, companies have a powerful solution that enables multichannel CX including journeys, campaigns and triggered events – all from a single user interface AND with unparalleled scale.

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