How Journey Execution Works

See how rg1 enables executing, reporting upon and testing customer journeys.

Engage Across Channels, Optimize Results

rg1 gives you the flexibility of using your existing MarTech solutions to orchestrate outbound communications to customers and prospects — each delivered to individual customers based on individual actions or inactions.

Single interface to deploy multitouch, multichannel customer journeys.

Monitor real-time insights and interactions to ensure relevance.

Experiment and optimize campaigns using A/B/n tests.

Omnichannel Execution​

Engage customers across every inbound and outbound channel to deliver consistent, individualized experiences. The rg1 Platform offers:

  • A single UI for outbound (email, SMS, mobile push, social, ads, direct mail) and inbound (web, forms, mobile apps, call centers, kiosks, IoT).
  • The ability to coordinate journeys across channels using insights from inbound and outbound interactions
  • A way to ensure consistency across touchpoints

Campaign & Response Reporting​

Build dashboards from configurable widgets to monitor campaign operations, channel activity and other details. Within rg1, you can:

  • Track engagement metrics, conversions and form submissions​
  • Review segment counts, heat
    maps and channel performance​
  • Use timelines to compare different snapshots
  • Start from existing templates or build customized reports​

A/B Testing & Optimization​

Choose any success criteria aligned to any goal, and configure tests with competing options, defined timeframes and specific methodologies. The capabilities enable:

  • Fast experiments with automatic selection of the winning candidate
  • Optimization across channels, campaigns, and multiple offers and assets​
  • Results to be fed to machine learning models for additional optimization

What true scale looks like. Feels like. Achieves like.

100M+ customers

6k campaigns peak month

3x ROI delivered in 1 year

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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