Omnichannel. or Omnichannel Marketing,  is the coordination of customer experiences across multiple different customer touchpoints (channels). This approach puts the customer, not the product at the core, by creating an immersive and seamless experience across multiple interactions. Omnichannel interactions can happen across multiple platforms from purchases on computer and mobile devices to purchases in-store. This allows customers to start a conversation on one channel and finish on another with ease. Full Omnichannel Customer Experience (OCX) can extend beyond marketing journeys to include consideration, buying, customer service, returns, and other customer journeys.

The Omnichannel Customer Experience (OCX) is an approach that uses all customer interactions on every touchpoint/channel to build an immersive, relevant customer-centric journey. OCX goes beyond digital marketing to include consideration, buying, services and other journeys and conversations that may start in one channel and continue in others.

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