GDPR Compliance and Consent Management

Redpoint Global and PossibleNOW offering provides management of customer identity, profile data, and consent

To meet the new requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organizations that collect, store, and process data on European citizens must comply with consent collection, data access, rectification, and erasure as well as an integration of that data across enterprise systems. PossibleNOW and Redpoint Global have introduced a strategic offering that meets these needs.

Manage GDPR Compliance with Redpoint Global and PossibleNOW

The joint solution combines the power of the Redpoint Customer Data Platform™ (CDP) with PossibleNOW’s MyPreferences® consent management solution. Key capabilities and benefits include:

GDPR Compliance

  • Supports right to gain consent, the right of access to data by the data subject, the right to data portability, the right to be forgotten, and the right of erasure
  • Benefit: Automate the permission control process, achieve compliance-by-design objective, and avoid costly audits and regulatory penalties

Empowered Consumers

  • Data subjects in the EU can access their data, understand how it’s being used and processed, request to update or correct erroneous data, request to set preferences on communications and request to delete their data
  • Benefit: Set fine-grained preferences as the first step in creating a highly personalized and trusted brand relationship that lowers opt-out rates

Consistency Across Systems

  • System notifies all connected sources, systems, and databases of the change requests and validates the change state, providing a complete audit trail of all permission requests and actions on a data subject record over its entire lifecycle
  • Benefit: Automated compliance program governance and complete historical insights that eliminate manual processes such as spreadsheets

The Redpoint Customer Data Platform provides the ability to connect data from disparate systems and data stores across the enterprise. With these technical capabilities in place, organizations that capture and process personally identifiable information (PII) on European citizens can:

  • Enable data subjects to access the PII data being captured and request a copy
  • Allow data subjects to update erroneous data
  • Manage requests by data subjects to delete their data
  • Revoke consent or anonymize data (using hash values)
  • Notify all source systems/databases of each change request and validate completion of each request action
  • Encrypt data in accordance with today’s rigorous security requirements

With the enterprise consent and preference management platform MyPreferences® from PossibleNOW, companies can:

  • Collect and manage consent at a fine-grained preference level
  • Maintain a historical archive of consent approval, change, revocation, or deletion
  • Maintain the disclosure language used
  • Utilize multi-lingual capability based on country, region, or locale
  • Create Preference Center web pages that are branded with a client’s look and feel
  • Integrate consent capture capabilities into all points along the customer journey, such as website or campaign workflows

The combined solution from PossibleNOW and Redpoint Global addresses key requirements around management of personal data, maintenance of historical consent data, recordkeeping, and reporting as listed in the General Data Protection Regulation.


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GDPR Consent and Data Governance Solution Brief

PossibleNOW and Redpoint Global have introduced a new strategic product offering

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