Virtual Workshop: Death of the Third-Party Cookie

As the end to the third-party cookie grows nearer, there is still much concern around how you will be able to recognize your anonymous users in real-time. This move away from the third-party cookie is good for consumer privacy but leaves many organizations questioning the kinds of data to stay relevant with consumers.

Join us for a one-hour interactive workshop facilitated by George Corugedo, CTO at Redpoint Global, as we work together to dispel the myths that surround your customer data and the third-party cookie. In this interactive discussion, attendees will discuss:

  • What data will you lose without third-party cookies?
  • Share strategies to leverage your first-party data.
  • How will you recognize anonymous parties in real-time?
  • Learn different methods to enrich and maintain your first-party data.

Not all cookies are going away, just the third-party cookies. Attend this workshop and discuss how to harness the first-party cookies to create a stronger relationship between your brand and your consumer.


**Please note: Space is limited.

George Corugedo, Chief Technology Officer

A former math professor and seasoned technology executive, Redpoint Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder George Corugedo has more than two decades of business and technical experience.

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