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Unlock Your Customer Data: The Key to Personalisation, AI Integration, and Loyalty Maximisation

Unlock the power of customer data to revolutionise your marketing strategy. In this presentation, we’ll explore how comprehensive customer data serves as the foundation for effective personalisation, seamless AI integration, and enhanced customer loyalty.

Discover how to leverage CDPs to centralise and unify data sources, gaining actionable insights for targeted campaigns and long-term relationship building. Engage in the discussion and uncover practical strategies for maximising the value of your customer data, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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The Most Complete and Robust CDP

Redpoint helps leading organisations achieve desired outcomes and tangible revenue growth at the lowest total cost of ownership by enabling a unified customer profile, identifying cohorts and personalising engagement.


A few of the reasons your peers chose Redpoint:

  • Customer data from any source, cleansed, unified, and accessible across the enterprise
  • The best data quality and deepest segmentation in a no-code environment
  • Omnichannel journey orchestration tailored to each customer’s unique needs and preferences

Trusted by today's top brands.

Redpoint CDP

Purpose-built to meet the highest expectations in performance and scalability, Redpoint CDP helps organizations transform data into actionable insights and orchestrate omnichannel journeys that maximize business outcomes.

Develop deep customer understanding

Create the most complete, timely and accurate unified consumer profile to power any business use case, applying industry-leading identity resolution and data quality.

Personalize customer engagement

Effortlessly orchestrate and optimize personalized omnichannel campaigns that enhance experience and guide customers toward better outcomes.

Identify and target the right people

Quickly and autonomously identify and build segments to target patient cohorts that can best benefits from a specific care program.

Enhance operational efficiencies

Improve ROI by fully integrating your existing tech stack to support cost-effective patient engagement and drive care costs down.

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