Web Services Management

Easily integrate and manage web-based data sources into your customer data management solutions.

Key Benefits

Simplify and accelerate the speed of integrating data sources into your business operations, from marketing campaigns to customer operations.

Simple Integration.

Easily integrate data from external tools – such as social media sites – into marketing campaigns, or pass data from rgOne® to any enterprise system or application.

Seamless Experiences.

Avoid embarrassing glitches or disruptions when delivering personalized campaigns on your website by integrating data in real time.

Precise Data Integration.

Process incoming web services data with rgOne’s full range of data quality, hygiene, matching and customer data integration functions.

Key Highlights

Effectively manage web services to integrate any and all data relevant to your business operations.

Familiar Formats

Wrap web services using SOAP and REST invocation, HTTP puts/gets, session management (such as cookies or authentication strings) or XML, JSON & encapsulated URLs.

Transform Data

Convert any type of data or signal into a web service, including IoT streams, message buses, alerts and triggers.

Two-Way Data Flows

Connect internal and external data sources with Redpoint® or pass data from Redpoint to internal database and services, using web service management techniques.

Make Service Calls

Add Redpoint service calls to any project or data flow to handle other MarTech apps, including home-built apps that don’t have standardized APIs.

Server-side Integration Options

Utilize rgOne to integrate web services using a server-to-server (server-side) approach to deliver seamless experiences on your website, web portals or mobile applications.

Design Automations

Include data that exists in rgOne with workflows that are part of existing enterprise software, leveraging and abstracting existing processes instead of having to replace them.

Wrap Data Projects

to drive orchestration and decisions. Or use any part of the Redpoint system with your own machine learning or analytics environments.

Client-side Integration Options

Integrate data sources with rgOne using common and familiar client-side approaches, including cookies, sessions and JavaScript.

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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