Personalize Engagement and Increase Purchase Loyalty

The average consumer belongs to more than 14 separate loyalty programs – but is only active in fewer than half of them. Why? Too often, those programs fail to deliver offers and messages that are uniquely relevant to the member.

The RedPoint Customer Data Platform enables you to get a deeper understanding of each customer. That lets you move past outdated “one size fits all” loyalty programs by offering each customer hyper-personalized, relevant messages and offers.


Provide a Seamless Customer Experience by Removing Friction in the Buying Process

Customers expect frictionless experiences like those offered by market leaders such as Zappos and Amazon. But siloed customer engagement systems create a fragmented, incomplete understanding of the customer. The result? A highly inconsistent customer experience that can lead to disloyalty.

The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub orchestrates customer interactions across all touchpoints, so you can create a seamless experience that aligns with each customer in their buying journey.


Open Integration Across all Customer Data and Engagement Systems

The typical B2C marketing organization has more than 20 different customer-engagement systems, each with siloed data, rules, and process workflows. Ripping and replacing all best-of-breed systems to deploy a cloud marketing stack isn’t a feasible option.

Unlike the “walled gardens” of marketing clouds, RedPoint’s open garden approach easily integrates all data sources, marketing automation systems, and best-of-breed technologies. That means you can extend the value of legacy systems while embracing new and emerging technologies.