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Our marketing automation and enterprise data management solutions offer the flexibility to address the
specific needs of your industry and your business. No matter what marketing or data management
challenges you face, Redpoint has solutions that can help.

Our marketing automation and enterprise data management solutions offer the flexibility to address the specific needs of your industry and your business. We’ve helped public, private and non-profit organizations of all sizes and sophistication levels tackle their most daunting data-driven business challenges with ease.

No matter what marketing or data management challenges you face, Redpoint has solutions that can help.

  • Consumer Products Goods and Manufacturing

    Direct Relationships with Consumers Start with a Solid Data Foundation.

    The omnipresent, always-addressable consumer creates new opportunities for brands to create connections and acquire valuable data. But customer data from retail channels is typically delayed, fragmented, and incomplete. By creating or taking advantage of a “last-mile” to the consumer, it’s now possible to gain immediate insights that transform relationships.

    Redpoint enables you to capture and combine all relevant sources of data, gain insights, and engage with customers in highly relevant ways so you can create personal relationships with consumers and brand advocates. Using data to personalize and orchestrate engagement across all touchpoints (including retail channels, web, advertising, smart connected devices, and IoT sensors) improves customer loyalty, drives up average order value, and increases customer lifetime value.

  • Financial Services

    Break the Siloes and Unleash the Power of Your Data

    In financial services, the lines between products and services continue to blur. Today, the focus is on relationships. And that requires a complete view of each customer that blends all transactional, marketing, and behavioral data, right when it’s needed, across all relevant customer touchpoints. Redpoint breaks down the silos of your engagement systems and processes, so you have comprehensive, accurate, and continuously updated views of each customer.

    Redpoint enables you to create a single, unified view of your customer’s entire relationship across financial products and services – from acquisition and onboarding to cross-sell/upselling, retention, and renewal. With Redpoint, you unleash the power of your data to intelligently orchestrate personalized engagement across all enterprise touchpoints, driving new customer growth and profitability..

  • Healthcare

    The Right Prescription for Consumer-Driven Healthcare

    In today’s healthcare market, the power has shifted to consumers who can select from a growing range of plans and options. That means payers must tap increasing volumes of data to forge personal relationships with members, deliver customized interactions with policyholders, achieve new levels of engagement, reduce costs, and enable better health outcomes.

    Digital transformation – telemedicine, mobile apps, sensors, and fitness devices – is changing the very nature of the relationships among providers, payers, and policyholders to achieve better healthcare outcomes at lower costs while improving performance metrics (e.g. member acquisition costs, satisfaction ratings, and revenue performance management).

    Only Redpoint delivers the robust level of data management you need to truly know your plan members and patients sooner and better. But Redpoint also gives you the inline analytics and real-time orchestration to deliver highly personalized messages and improve engagement across the entire lifecycle.

  • Hospitality and Travel

    Create Game-Changing Customer Loyalty

    From gaming and airlines to hotels and resorts, the foundation of success is customer loyalty. When customers can switch to competitors with the tap of a thumb or the click of a mouse, you need answers to prevent churn, increase loyalty, and expand customer lifetime value. Game-changing innovations are waiting to be unleashed in your business – if you harness the power of your data.

    With Redpoint, you can create 360-degree views of customers across properties, channels, and partners that orchestrate the right actions pre-arrival, on-property, and post-visit. Use Redpoint’s open-garden approach to tap the power of loyalty programs that span partners and hospitality categories and leverage emerging IoT technologies. Drive personalized engagement across all touchpoints to generate repeat purchases and greater share-of-wallet—and avoid empty seats, rooms, and tables.

  • Media and Publishing

    The Right Data Strategy Helps You Stand out in the Crowd

    The media, entertainment, and publishing industries are seeing disruptive levels of change in how they engage with customers and build loyalty. It’s all about more compelling content, more channels, and more choices – along with new ways to generate revenue. With so many options at their disposal, consumers have unprecedented choice and are demanding a more relevant, seamless experience.

    Redpoint enables you to deliver personalized engagement across all enterprise touchpoints, driving revenue higher while lowering interaction costs. Redpoint activates one of your best assets – your rapidly growing customer data – by integrating all of your data into a unified view. Now you can engage each unique viewer, listener, and reader as a segment of one based on their purchase histories, preferences, behaviors, needs, and wants.

  • Nonprofit Organizations

    Create and Sustain Stronger Donor Relationships

    In the nonprofit world, donor relationships are the lifeblood of the organization, which is why it’s essential to create personalized engagements with the people who fund your vision and mission. But no two donors are alike, and engaging at the right cadence without fatigue is a crucial issue. Nonprofits need to instantly recognize each donor as a segment of one to truly understand them and meet their needs and preferences to maximize their giving potential.

    As organizations compete for every charitable dollar, you must capture and use all available data for every donor in order to communicate what’s important to them at just the right time through the right touchpoint. Redpoint provides solutions that keep donors engaged through relevant, hyper-personalized interactions for sustained giving.

  • Retail

    Engage Savvy Consumers in Complex Buying Journeys

    From e-commerce to mobile to point-of-sale, today’s savvy customers are in control of their buying journeys. Customers now expect brands to know and engage with them in meaningful, frictionless ways in real-time across any touchpoint they choose.

    Forward-thinking retailers are adopting context-aware, hyper-personalized engagement approaches that present targeted messages and offers, in real-time, across all channels and enterprise touchpoints. With Redpoint you can drive personalized engagement across the enterprise to be more relevant to customers while increasing revenue, profit, and lifetime value.