Understanding Privacy Preferences Is the First Step to Personalization

Data subjects/consumers are willing to share personal data with the organizations they connect with, but they also expect to be in charge of their preferences and to easily manage them over time.

Capturing preference settings for compliance is fundamentally about how to better engage with customers, and doing so on their terms. This enables organizations to understand their customers in a more individual way, while reducing opt-out rates and increasing key campaign performance metrics.

Creating a Golden Record and Closed-Loop System for Privacy Compliance

Redpoint Global, in conjunction with its technology partners, provides a compliance solution that addresses key requirements around management of personal data, maintenance of historical consent data, recordkeeping, auditing, and reporting. The key element to achieving privacy compliance is the ability to create a golden record for each customer, which captures and consistently maintains the state of each consent permission and communication preference that occurs over time, across the entire enterprise. Our privacy compliance platform not only provides an interface for making preference requests, it’s also a closed loop system that routes and validates all change requests to source systems – providing auditable reporting and evidence of compliance.