Segmentation & Activation

Personalize every customer experience with dynamic segments and a single point of control for channel activation.

Build Dynamic Audiences

Each customer has a unique journey, so make your segments respond to the customer’s choices and actions.

True audiences of one.

Access robust data and design segments with extreme flexibility — so you can manage highly granular segments, even down to the level of every individual.

Relevance in real time.

Because your customer segments are dynamically rule-defined, you can stage more relevant offers and messages. And deliver them in real time.

Easily seen and understood.

You can visualize your segments in nearly any way you prefer: tables, Venn diagrams, clustering diagrams or other.

Learn How Segmentation & Activation Works

Models and Clusters to Define Segments

Use your customer data to power models that augment human rules for segmentation and customer insights.

Rules for clusters can be human-curated or ML-automated. Marketers can build cluster models with the click of a button, and deploy them just as easily.

Models can also define customer behaviors and affinities. Model attributes can be directly used in segmentation and messaging.

rgOne shows you how clusters were chosen and lets you visualize all details of an audience to understand their journey – goals and choices, responses and changes.

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Activation to Engage Customers

Send audience and offer details into your best-of-breed martech channels to engage customers in personalized interactions

Controlled Orchestration

Seamlessly orchestrate cross-channel communications — to deploy the most highly personalized and consistent interactions.

Consistent Channel Results

Channel or centralized teams define interactions and build customer trust. Use existing and new customer touchpoints to future-proof your martech investment.

Closed-Loop Customer Responses

Track and measure response by segments and offers. Use feedback to optimize and experiment with interactions, content, and offers.

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