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by John Nash | August 8, 2018

What Is the Future of Marketing?

The modern marketer is being forced to change the way they work. The effectiveness of traditional tactics has fallen, and customers now demand a personalized…

by Mike Ferguson | August 7, 2018

3 Steps Retailers Should Take to Benefit from the Internet of Things

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is an opportunity for retailers to unify physical and online customer experience strategies. Up until now, retailers…

by Bill Porto | August 2, 2018

3 Reasons Evolutionary Machine Learning Drives Digital Transformation

Machine learning systems are among the most useful technologies on the market today. This is especially true for brands seeking to optimize their digital transformation;…

by Buck Webb | August 1, 2018

How are the Cloud Wars Ramping Up in Retail?

The new form of the marketing stack is shaking up the cloud wars between Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Google in particular appears to be declaring…

by Stephanie Ventura | July 31, 2018

Banks Need to Unify Their Customer Data for Omnichannel Success

Traditional banks and credit unions are uniquely positioned to adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy. Much like retailers, banks already have a strong physical footprint and…

by Mike Ferguson | July 26, 2018

How Is the Internet of Things Changing Retail Customer Engagement?

Back in 2002, Stephen Spielberg’s Minority Report blew my mind with a vision of a near-future where technology has changed day-to-day life beyond recognition. There’s…

by Brian Cleary | July 25, 2018

How to Personalize Retail Interactions Without Being Creepy

The line between a positive brand experience and a creepy one is easy to miss, especially for marketers focused on personalizing customer engagement. Brands collect…

by Patrick Tripp | July 24, 2018

Now GDPR Has Launched – What Do You Need to Do?

At the end of the movie Finding Nemo, Gil and the Tank Gang manage to escape from the dentist’s office in Sydney when he decides…

by Stephanie Ventura | July 19, 2018

What Is Customer Churn? (And How to Prevent It)

It’s an acknowledged fact that loyal customers spend more money. One recent study found that customers spend 67 percent more in months 31 to 36…

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