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Why did I join RedPoint?

Jason McNellis | December 30, 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, a reflection on the largest professional decision I made this year — joining RedPoint Global.

why-join-redpointData. Data proliferates in form, grows exponentially in volume and flows from an ever increasing number of devices. So data’s potential to make us smarter constantly increases and promises to guide us to better and better decisions. Certainly not a new argument, 16 years ago a mentor told me, “Better data drives better decisions, so the person with the best data—on average and over time—will win.”

So let me ask you a question: How much has decision quality improved at your organization over the last 12 months? Over the last 36 months? How reliable and data driven are your investments in different marketing tactics? How much real-time decision support is provided to inbound channels? Can you optimize customer level communication strategies across channels for competing corporate objectives?

I imagine your responses were not too enthusiastic. In fact, I would predict that less than one-fifth of readers will respond enthusiastically to each of the five questions. Pessimism? No, just data. Over the last three years I conducted several studies, leveraged dozens of others and talked to hundreds of companies. Data is a challenge for organizations. Reports from Gartner, Forrester, the CMO Survey and other firms all support this.

Who should we blame for this widespread inability to leverage data? Senior marketers setting the marketing strategy? Campaign managers designing the campaign? Statisticians building the models and analyzing the results? Or the technology teams signing off on all the database and marketing technology specifications? I don’t really care. I think the right tools help us all look better—regardless of role. And just like my views of which woodworking tools will most help me in my workshop has evolved, so have my views of which tools will help organizations leverage data to drive customer engagement.

In RedPoint I saw a marketing platform that excites me. A platform built for data – all data. Here’s are four reasons why I joined the team:

  • Support for the new customer analytics. A lot of organizations have relatively mature analytics to support batch and blast campaigns, but this approach is losing value. RedPoint’s vision of goal-based marketing will dramatically alter how teams staff for campaign and offer targeting. More on this in 2016 – I promise.
  • A proven ability to quickly tame data…a lot of data. Whether you want to leverage a data lake, hybrid data environment, or hundreds of sources scattered within your organization, it can be done with RedPoint tools. I know this sounds like marketing speak, but I encourage you to look through our use cases or talk to our references – they convinced me.
  • A plug & play platform for channels and data sources. How easily can you set-up connections to the latest social media channel? Or some internet of things (IOT) gadget? Can you swap email service providers (ESP’s) in less than a week with no loss of interaction history? Marketers need a platform or hub to centralize data and coordinate communications, and that platform must be flexible.
  • A single look and feel. I dislike it when the look and feel of a tool changes as you move across modules. RedPoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform is a single platform—not a series of acquisitions, not a Frankencloud. Why is this important? Because deploying an army of channel specialists is expensive and not scalable as the number of channels increase. Do you want yet another interface for programmatic TV buys in two years?

I feel fortunate to have joined a group of wicked smart, passionate co-workers. People who believe that technology can improve marketing and customer experience. And I’m excited to work with some of the most satisfied clients in the industry.  That’s why I happily joined RedPoint Global.

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Jason McNellis
Jason McNellis