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Retailers: Take Back Control of Your Omnichannel Campaigns

Patrick Tripp | March 6, 2018

In the age of the customer, the expectation for retailers to deliver consistent online and offline experiences is extremely high. Customers don’t care if building these experiences requires a complex, multifunction approach from across your business. They want immediate value and will go elsewhere if you can’t provide it. The battle for consumer attention makes it an imperative for retail marketers to deliver superior customer experiences and business results. According to Forrester, 89 percent of digital businesses are investing in personalization to align with customer expectations.

Retailers of all shapes and sizes need to streamline their operations and engage a customer base that increasingly leverages multiple touchpoints. This is especially true because reaching customers through their preferred channels is more profitable. Budget, resources, and reliance on IT for all martech activity often become major hurdles to success. Despite these constraints, retail marketers are still held accountable to increase revenue while lowering costs of interaction. So how do retail marketers do more with less?

The answer lies in a set of breakthrough capabilities that empower marketers to deliver contextually relevant offers and messages to consumers. These capabilities include access to all relevant customer data to drive personalization, often called a “single customer view,” and a single point of control to power omnichannel customer experiences. It’s for these reasons that I’m thrilled to announce the launch of RedPoint Accelerator™.

A Packaged Solution for Omnichannel Customer Engagement


The single customer view capabilities of RedPoint Accelerator can be used for in-store experiences such as clienteling

The single customer view capabilities of RedPoint Accelerator can be used for in-store experiences such as clienteling.

RedPoint Accelerator™ is a packaged solution that allows retail marketers to take control of their data and deliver effective omnichannel campaigns. RedPoint Accelerator is a solution designed for retailers that need to do more with less. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, RedPoint Accelerator helps retailers propel revenue higher while also removing cost from customer interactions. Key capabilities of the solution include:

  • Single View of the Customer: Create a unified, accurate, and accessible view of the customer leveraging various data sources and types. This view may be accessed from a web user interface in real time or by in-store retailers for clienteling.
  • Turnkey Marketing Channels: Orchestrate, deliver, and measure marketing programs with ease. This enables retail marketers quick access to email, SMS, website, social, and direct mail channels to deliver omnichannel campaigns.
  • Real-Time Decisions: Manage strategies for delivering dynamic and contextual content to inbound channels such as web pages and landing pages. Real-time decisions capabilities also enable marketers to conduct A/B/n tests and goal-based optimization tactics.
  • Data Model and Templates: A comprehensive data model which includes any attribute needed for targeted campaign selections and segmentation. RedPoint also provides out of the box retail campaign templates such as welcome campaigns, newsletters, cross-sell campaigns, and retention campaigns that will increase opens, clicks, and conversions.
  • Industry Expertise: Leverage deep industry expertise with a services and support model that addresses all retailer needs from strategy to execution. RedPoint has the partner network, data sources, solutions, and expertise to enable retail marketers to be more efficient and effective with their marketing dollars.

Affordable on-demand pricing and cloud deployment will allow retailers to gain significant business value from this offering. RedPoint Accelerator also boasts fast deployment times; allowing retailers to stand up the solution in weeks instead of months or longer. We’re excited to partner with Allant Group for implementation and strategic services for this offering. This quick deployment timeframe means retailers can gain powerful omnichannel capabilities and beat the competition to market. It also means retail marketers can start to enjoy a 75 percent or higher improvement in campaign deployment times, leading to quicker time to value than competing solutions.


Retailers Need the Right Engagement Technology

Retail marketers facing resource and budget constraints have the same needs for a unified customer profile and omnichannel orchestration as mega-retail brands. With RedPoint Accelerator, retailers with smaller customer bases can benefit from RedPoint’s real-time decisioning and single view of the customer capabilities.


RedPoint Accelerator unifies customer data across silos into a single view.

RedPoint Accelerator unifies customer data across silos into a single view.

Retailers need the right technology in place to engage with an increasingly connected consumer base. RedPoint Accelerator empowers retail marketers to access the capabilities they need when they need it, ensuring they can connect with the right consumers through the right channel at the right time. This ability to compete can be the difference between winning and losing the battle for consumer attention and increased customer loyalty.


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Patrick Tripp
Patrick Tripp

Patrick is vice president of product strategy for the Customer Engagement Hub at RedPoint Global, where he leverages over 20 years of experience in technology, consulting, and marketing. Patrick is an expert in cross-channel marketing and real-time interaction management, and is a frequent speaker at industry events. He is a certified product manager and holds an MBA from Boston University. Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn and Twitter.